Poll shows strong national support for “red-light cameras”

May 19, 2009, Alexandria, VA – In a recent national survey of voters, Public Opinion Strategies found that fully 69% of Americans support the use of “red-light cameras” at the most dangerous intersections in their states, while just 29% oppose them.

Those voters “strongly” supporting red-light cameras outnumber those who strongly oppose them by a wide 45%-18% margin.

Going up, or coming down?

This article was co-authored by Bill McInturff and Alex Bratty Is the looming threat to our economy rising inflation, or falling prices, known as deflation? That’s the current debate raging among economists as this month brought some more staggering statistics. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) dropped 0.1% in March and was flat in April. However, […]

Pelosi’s Public Opinion Problems Persist, Providing GOP with Hope & Opportunity

(This article was co-authored by Jim Hobart.) While Democrats and the liberal media have spent the last few months trying to drive the narrative that the Republican Party does not have a leader, they have ignored the mounting problem they have with one of the undisputed leaders of their own party. In a recent Financial […]

POS In The News, 5/18/09

The Public News Service reports on the results of a Pew Environmental Group poll conducted by POS and the Mellman Group here. The survey was also mentioned in Carbon Positive and U.S. News and World Report.

Close Gitmo, but what next?

As POS partner, Glen Bolger recently commented to Politico, “This issue is at the intersection of good policy and good politics. All in favor of having Gitmo terrorists housed in your congressional district, raise your hand. Whoa — no hands go up!” Well, no kidding… The more this issue gets discussed, the more the public […]

Interesting Breakdown of Gallup Age Data

While we’re not in the habit of linking to Democratic blogs, a recent post breaking down the Gallup party ID data by age was sent to my attention by my friend Steve Moore. The posting takes a look at the party ID gap of voters in Gallup surveys aggregated from the last four months.  It then breaks down that […]

Politics at 30,000 Feet

The fabled GOP political advisor Lee Atwater helped the senior George Bush win the presidency in 1988 by admonishing him to spend more time connecting with voters in bowling alleys.  The political equivalent for GOP candidates in this era may be the frequent flyer club at their airport. First, here’s a reality check for those […]

Recent National Survey Data

Using our recent national survey, as well as other public polls, we recently put together an in-depth look at the standing of President Obama, the Congress, and the Republican Party.

We’ve attached it here because we thought you would find it of interest.

Voters Are Networking

Public Opinion Strategies completed a national survey of 800 likely 2010 voters (April 19-21, 2009) where we asked a few demographic questions about cell phones and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  As you would suspect only a small percentage (13%) of voters do not have a working cell phone and one-third of likely […]

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