POS In The News, 5/8/09

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Tom Ridge will not run for Senate in 2010, despite the results of a recent POS poll that put him ahead in hypothetical matchups against Republican Pat Toomey and possible Democratic challenger Sen. Arlen Specter. On his National Journal blog, Charlie Cook mentions recent POS polls in reference to the […]

Party Image Matters at the Ballot Box

Predictions of the Grand Old Party’s demise are exaggerated, the numbers show a party clawing its way out of the grave. Look at the simple chart below. It’s an amalgamation of two sets of numbers, all taken from a huge data of information taken from NBC News-Wall Street Journal surveys. It explains a lot. The […]

The President’s Perception Gap

This article was co-authored by Bill McInturff and Alex Bratty. As the debate over health care heats up and President Obama starts to sell his plan in earnest to the American people, he’s facing a pretty significant perception gap between what the public believe he’s focused on and what they think he should be focused […]

POS in the News, 5/6/09

John Baer of Philly.com reports on a poll conducted by POS regarding next year’s PA Senate race: Data released yesterday by respected national pollster Neil Newhouse, of Public Opinion Strategies, says that Ridge wins both races (by 37 percentage points over Toomey; by 7 over Specter) if the race were held today. The Morning Call’s […]

Young Voters Love Obama, But NOT So Much the Democratic Party

(The article was co-authored by Matthew Jason.) We have all heard about how the young voters helped elect President Barack Obama last year, and it is very hard to argue this fact. According to CNN Exit Polls, Obama defeated McCain sixty-six percent (66%) to thirty-two percent (32%) among voters ages 18-24 and sixty-six percent (66%) […]

Western States Round-Up: On The Comeback Trail?

It certainly looks that way according to the trend lines. I’ve been keeping tabs on movement in the West, and the positive shifts we have seen this year point to a very different electoral environment than what we faced in November of 2008. Most notably … the generic congressional ballot. Given our volume of national […]

A Deeper Look at Party Identification

It’s of no surprise to anyone that the partisan gap between Republicans and Democrats has widened over the past two-three years.  Our recent national poll (April 19-21, 800 registered voters) pegs the partisan affiliation data at 30% GOP, 37% DEM and 32% IND.  In an effort to probe a little deeper into the GOP attrition, […]

POS In The News, 05/01/09

The Los Angeles Times quotes Neil Newhouse in an article about Chrysler filing for bankruptcy. The White House’s deep involvement in the Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings means Obama will be blamed if it turns out badly by hurting union members and retirees, said Neil Newhouse, a Republican pollster. “After 100 days in office, this is another […]

Obama’s Popularity/Policy Gap: Size Matters

So, our POS poll shows President Obama sitting on top of the world.  He’s got a 63% approval rating and he’s nearly single-handedly shifted the mood of the country from 12% right direction in November to 40% right direction now.  (Come on now, it’s certainly not the rising unemployment rate, the surging deficit, the flagging […]

Trillion – the new billion

It was a revelatory moment when I moderated a focus group of Congressional Hill staffers earlier this year and they laughed, no, jeered really, at the mention of billions of dollars.  “Billions?” one scoffed.  “It’s all trillions these days.”      Such may be the warped world of Washington, but at least spending trillions of […]

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