The CNBC All-America Economic Survey in July 2023 sheds new light on how Americans are reacting to companies taking public stands on political, social and cultural issues.

Important new information from this survey of 1,000 American adults includes: 58% of adults say it is inappropriate for companies to take public stands on political/social/cultural issues. Americans are nearly twice as likely to boycott companies they disagree with (47%) than buy from companies they agree with (24%). Opinion differs by party, age, and household […]

Public Opinion Strategies Milestone: Celebrating the 25th Work Anniversary of Three Partners

Alexandra, Virginia, June 27, 2023 – 2023 marks an important milestone at Public Opinion Strategies (POS) as Partners Elizabeth Harrington, Patrick Lanne, and Nicole McCleskey celebrate their 25th work anniversaries with our company. Elizabeth Harrington joined POS in 1998 as a Project Director and became a Partner in 2007.  Elizabeth’s research focus is public policy […]

Polarization and a Deep Dive on Issues by Party

A current political discussion is about the growing difference between the Republican and Democratic Party and its candidates on public policy issues. This Executive Summary deck based on 30+ years of NBC News survey findings add dimension and highlights the truth behind this observation. Click Here

National Poll Finds Americans Want The New FBI Headquarters To Be In Virginia

Public Opinion Strategies and David Binder Research conducted a national poll of U.S. voters on behalf of the Virginia Chamber Foundation. Roughly two-thirds of voters (65%) believe Virginia should be the home of the new FBI headquarters. When evaluating criteria for the new location, 42% said the FBI’s mission/national security should be the most important […]

In The News: Survey Shows Support to Modernize Pennsylvania’s Liquor Laws.

A joint study conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and David Binder Research found that 81% of Pennsylvania voters support a measure to allow ready-to-drink cocktails to be sold in stores alongside beer, wine, and seltzers. The legislation, Senate Bill 688, had wide support across geographic, political, and demographic lines. Partner Micah Roberts was quoted as […]

In the News: Why Republicans see electoral gold in talking up energy

Most Republicans and independents — 59 and 66 percent, respectively — in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia had heard nothing or little about efforts to speed up federal permitting of energy infrastructure projects, a centerpiece of Republicans’ agenda, according to a Public Opinion Strategies survey of 1,200 registered voters. But when pollsters frame […]

2023 National Telehealth Survey Key Findings

On behalf of hims & hers, Public Opinion Strategies conducted a national survey of 1,008 adults February 7-13, 2023. Among other findings, the survey found: Fully two-thirds of Americans (66%) say access to medical care is a problem where they live, up from 58% who said the same a year ago. Satisfaction among telehealth users […]

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