Post-Election Debrief

Another look at last week’s elections, showcasing key takeaways from our Election Night Survey. The full debrief can be viewed here.

Public Opinion Strategies Election Night Poll Take-Away Points

Public Opinion Strategies Election Night Poll Take-Away Points Despite the record-breaking negative mood of the country, and lackluster Biden approval scores, the GOP’s narrow margin on the generic ballot translated into a smaller advantage than anticipated in the US House. Voters’ top issues were “rising prices and inflation” and “abortion,” followed by “the economy and […]

2022 Post Election Press Release

Public Opinion Strategies was proud to poll in 13 successful major statewide races and help elect seven new Members of Congress with many more to come as more votes are counted. Read more about our big wins on election night here.

NBC News Final Weekend Survey

NEW: 16 slides that show why tomorrow is very likely to be a great night for Republicans up and down the ballot here.

In the News: The battle for Senate control

Bill McInturff’s take on the Senate: “Nationally, Joe Biden is at 41% in swing states…so you’re asking a Democratic candidate to run roughly 10 points above the president… the Senate is closer to being Republican than people imagine. Read more of what partner Bill McInturff has to say here.

Upcoming 2022 Turnout

When more people say their vote is in opposition rather than in support of the president, the party in power loses seats.  Biden’s soft numbers on this important question tells us the Democrats are days away from losing the House. And here’s the real problem for the president and the Democrats:  Those voting in opposition […]

National Telehealth Survey Key Findings

On behalf of hims & hers, Public Opinion Strategies conducted a national survey of 1,301 adults February 13-17, 2022. Among other findings, the survey found: Nearly six-in-ten Americans (58%) say access to medical care is a problem where they live. Telehealth has had explosive growth over the past three years. A majority of Americans (55%) […]

The Forces Shaping America and the 2022 Election

We are watching some of the most volatile and dramatic numbers seen in the last 50+ years.  Economic confidence is at its lowest point since tracking began in the 1950s.  Wrong track scores mirror 1980, 1992, and 2008, all terrible cycles for the incumbent party.   Major demographic trends are reshaping key values and policy […]

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