POS In The News, 6/10/09

Insurance Journal cited the results of a survey conducted in Florida  concerning insurance price deregulation. The Credit Union Times included the results of a survey by POS and Hamilton Strategies that found credit unions to be the most popular financial institutions. Volunteertv.com discusses the results of the Knox County mayor poll from earlier this month.

Just Commentin’: Pelosi, Cheney Have Similar Images

The media loves to fawn over Nancy Pelosi, and loves to bash Dick Cheney.  And yet, according to the newest USA Today/Gallup poll, the two have essentially the same image. Pelosi has a 34% favorable/50% unfavorable image, while Cheney has a 37% favorable/54% unfavorable image.  Both leaders are in pretty bad shape, but it’s difficult to […]

Cell-Phone-Only Voters in the 2008 Exit Poll

The American Association for Public Opinion Research held its annual conference a few weeks ago in Hollywood, FL. Unfortunately, I could not attend, but several of the presentations from the conference and interviews are posted on the web. One of the presentations focused on the cell-phone-only voters from data collected in the 2008 exit poll. […]

POS In The News, 6/9/09

Deseret News discussed the results of a poll for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, which most notably found that Americans are looking to focus on preventative healthcare rather than just “sick care.” “We gave Americans a list of proposals being considered to reform health care, and investing in prevention trumped them […]

Democrats take a hard left, but are they moving the country to the right?

My partner Glen’s OCD is well-placed when it comes to Independent voters; where they end up will decide the 2010 elections.  But, their swollen ranks have not just come by way of GOP defections.  Thanks to the total, complete, consolidated, and dominating power of President Obama and Congressional allies in Congress, they are now coming […]

POS In The News, 6/5/09

First Republic posted a Roll Call article about Rep. John Murtha’s chances of being relected , mentioning that POS will be polling for his probable challenger, Tim Burns. WOAI News Radio in San Antonio, TX reported the results of a recent survey about how Texans feel about the state of the economy. Texans remain optimistic […]

Independents Offer Opportunity, Challenge

Faithful readers know that I am obsessed with Independents and swing voters.  I have been ever since I worked at the NRCC and we lost an “unloseable” (is that a word?) special election in Indiana’s old 4th CD — a seat that had been held by Dan Coats and Dan Quayle.   Evidence that history repeats […]

POS In The News, 5/29/09

National Journal Online quotes Bill McInturff about polling for primary elections in an article about the Republican primary for the Virginia Governor’s race. Polling in primary elections may be perilous, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. The campaign pollsters who conduct these surveys and live to tell about it constantly remind their clients of […]

POS In The News, 5/22/09

On National Journal Online, Charlie Cook referenced Glen Bolger’s recent post about how Democrats are drawing attention to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trouble with the interrogation issue. Republicans seem to be delighted with how much Democrats, and Pelosi, are keeping the issue in the headlines. Glen Bolger and Jim Hobart from the Republican polling firm of […]

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