Issues? I Don’t Even Know You!

While there are clearly some glimmers of hope for the GOP in the latest NPR survey, there is also some major cautionary notes. The biggest caution of all is that – on four major issue battles, the Democrats have the advantage. This analysis results are based on a bipartisan survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies […]


We had people ask about our RSS feed last week so we tried to make it more prominent on the page since then. You can click on subscribe at the top of the page to get to it or you can click on the red RSS logo under the Misc. box on the left sidebar. […]

POS In The News, 3/24/09

On Real Clear Politics, Stuart Rothenberg discusses the partisan interpretations of the recent NPR poll. Nobody is under oath, so I suppose that it’s too much to expect “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” especially when it comes to press releases, headlines and even reputable pollsters. But I was disappointed to […]

POS in the News, 3/26/09

Rebekah Sanders from the Arizona Republic reports on a poll of local support for the Phoenix Coyotes Support for the Phoenix Coyotes may be faltering among the team’s closest neighbors, the residents of Glendale, according to a poll released Wednesday by conservative think tank Americans for Prosperity. Less than a quarter of Glendale voters surveyed […]

POS in the News, 3/23/09

Mark Blumenthal mentions a few of our pollsters’ blog posts on Glen Bolger reviews what his NPR/Greenberg/POS survey says about Obama’s economic policies (update: also adds cautions for GOP). Stephen Kinney considers the declining relevance of print media.

POS In The News, 3/25/09

Michael Barone of AEI mentions the results of the NPR survey Last Wednesday, I noted that Republicans are now running even or slightly ahead in the generic vote for Congress in two respected national polls. On Friday, Charlie Cook noted the same results. He pointed out that the NPR survey shows Independents favoring Republicans 38-24 […]

POS In the News, 3/20/09

In National Journal Magazine, Charlie Cook writes about the shift in public opinion of Republican candidates in the The Cook Report Republican pollster Glen Bolger, who worked on the survey for Public Opinion Strategies, says that this is the first time since 2004 that he has seen independents favoring Republicans on the generic ballot test. […]

Print Media Losing Its Relevance?

Four major newspaper publishers have filed for bankruptcy since December of last year. The Rocky Mountain News in Denver has now entirely ceased to exist. With the Seattle Post-Intelligencer having produced its final print edition after 150 years of publishing and now going entirely on-line and its publisher, Hearst Corporation, considering doing the same soon […]

Nothing to Sneeze At

Barack Obama is catching a cold on his economic policies. Sure, his numbers are a lot healthier than George W. Bush’s were in the last years of his Presidency, but there is danger in the data for Democrats. This analysis results are based on a bipartisan survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies together with Greenberg, […]

POS in the News, 3/19/09

Ben Goddard of The Hill writes about the recent NPR poll Polls show that voters don’t agree with the senators. Rather than overreaching, they see the president as multitasking, and they think it is high time someone in Washington started doing that. A poll for the Pew Research Center found a solid 56 percent majority […]

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