A Contradiction in Data

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the Republican standing on the generic ballot being significantly better off now than four (and two) years ago.   Amy Walter from the Hotline made the following comment on my Facebook page: “Thanks for the smart post Glen. It’s also interesting to note the tightening of the generic even as […]

POS In The News, 4/15/09

In The Bellingham Herald, Neil Newhouse was interviewed about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s possible reasons  for attending an anti-abortion banquet in Indiana. Palin is playing it safe by attending an event where “dissenting voices are likely to be far and few between,” said Neil Newhouse, a Republican strategist and pollster for Public Opinion Strategies in […]

Better Off Than We Were Four Years Ago

In the last off-year elections, Republicans trailed by eight to 15 points on the generic ballot from the summer  of 2005 throughout 2006.  The challenge wasn’t simply Katrina — the slippage came prior to then, as pre-surge Iraq proved to be a mess.  The deficit on the generic ballot remained in double digit range throughout 2008. In case you […]

Lori Weigel on KBDI tonight

Lori Weigel will be on KBDI (Channel 12 – PBS) in Denver tonight (Tuesday April 14) to discuss the future of the Colorado Republican Party on the Aaron Harber Show. The show airs tonight at 8 p.m. MDT (10 p.m. EDT) and will also re-air Wednesday (April 15) at 5 p.m. MDT (7 p.m. EDT.)

POS In The News, 4/14/09

Howey Politics Indiana reports on the April 1-2 poll that showed that people in Indiana support property tax caps. An April 1-2 Public Opinion Strategies Poll shows overwhelming support for property tax caps in Indiana. House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer’s (second from left) refusal to allow a vote on the caps could be setting Democrats […]

POS In the News, 4/10/09

Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White of New Mexico was interviewed by the Santa Fe Reporter about his stance on reinstating the death penalty, quoting POS survey. I do. There’s a poll that was done by Public Opinion Strategies in February of this year that showed 67 percent of the voters in New Mexico supported the […]

The National Debt DOES Matter! – Part 2

Continuing my focus on the national debt, I think it’s interesting to note that the group most in favor of change during the 2008 presidential campaign is also the group seeking the most change to help address the country’s fiscal problems – that is, younger voters (age 18-34). They are a group that the Republican […]

Movin’ On Up

Despite the American economy “movin’ on down” lately, Americans are optimistic about their own ability to climb the economic ladder. Our research shows the public is confident of their ability to improve their lot in life, but are skeptical of the government to do so for them. To read the rest of the April e-Answers […]

Stop The Presses!?

POS partner Steve Kinney raised a great issue in his recent blog posting with data reinforcing that print media is losing its relevance. Clearly newspapers are facing tough times, and unless they find a way to become more relevant and sell their content online we could see more major publications stopping their presses. Some recent […]

POS In The News, 4/9/09

In The Weekly Standard, Gary Andres  speculates about a possible GOP comeback in 2010, referring to the recent NPR poll and a quote from Glen Bolger’s blog post. Some new indications suggest an improving environment for Republicans among independent voters. The first sign comes from a recent bipartisan poll conducted by National Public Radio (NPR). […]

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