POS partner Steve Kinney raised a great issue in his recent blog posting with data reinforcing that print media is losing its relevance. Clearly newspapers are facing tough times, and unless they find a way to become more relevant and sell their content online we could see more major publications stopping their presses. Some recent […]

Pew Research just released an interesting study of Presidential approval trends going back to Richard Nixon’s first term. In it, they examined job ratings for Presidents early in their term, and looked at the gap between Republicans and Democrats on approval. For example, Obama has 59% approval overall, with 88% from Democrats and 27% from […]

(This article was co-authored by Jim Hobart). In a recent article in The New Republic, Jonathan Chait writes: Obama has come into office having won the popular vote by seven percentage points, along with a 79-seat edge in the House, a 17-seat edge in the Senate, and massive public demand for change. But it’s already […]

Republicans can find some solace in the recent NPR national survey results that we are not alone. As Glen Bolger noted in his posting Independent’s Day, the GOP might now have a reason to believe. What’s striking about this recent survey data is just how much closer Independents are to Republican voters on many key […]

The West proved to be a pivotal battleground n the 2008 elections, both at the presidential level and in the success of Democrats to boost their majorities in the House and Senate.  Yet, current polling data seems to indicate that Western voters may be laggards when it comes to their support of all things Democrat. […]

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