With students across the country heading back to school, it seems like an appropriate time to update some past posts I’ve written on public education. Earlier this summer, Gallup* released its annual report on confidence in public institutions.  I first examined this data as it relates to public schools back in 2013.  The latest data […]

Americans consider China a far greater economic threat than Russia. By a vast 62-point margin (81%-19%), respondents consider China, rather than Russia, to be a greater economic threat to the United States. There is a little partisan difference; both Republicans (85%-15%) and Democrats (78%-22%) agree that China poses a more serious economic threat than Russia. […]

Over the last few months in focus groups we have started hearing respondents make important distinctions between candidates they deem “liberal” and those they see as “progressive.”  The latter are described as being “forward-thinking” and “ahead of the curve,” while more traditional liberals often viewed as a thing of the past. As a response to […]

A “frenemy” is a combination of “friend” and “enemy” – a person you are friendly with but ultimately do not like or trust. Looking at the numbers from our NBC/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this year, many Americans may see social media as more of a frenemy than friend. Only 36% have a favorable opinion […]

Democratic presidential hopeful, Elizabeth Warren, became the first Democratic contender to float impeachment of President Trump in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s now-finished investigation into Russian election interference.  It remains to be seen just how palatable such proceedings would be to the American public now that the full report has been delivered and […]

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