Last week brought us tax day, and for some that meant standing in long lines at the post office scrambling to submit returns on time, while for others it meant going out to tea. Yes, tens of thousands of protestors staged “tea parties” around the country last Wednesday to demonstrate their angst over taxes, government […]

This was the topic of discussion on a recent MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) show that I appeared on. As I commented on the show there are many different ways to look at this, but overall I think the answer is “no.” Consider some of the social attitudes that Public Opinion Strategies has been tracking for […]

Last week, I posted a couple of entries looking at the tightening of the generic ballot (in comparison to 2005-2008) despite the challenges that remain for the GOP.  This post looks at key subgroups — other than GOPers, Independents, and Dems (they were covered last week) — on the generic ballot. The most striking finding […]

(The article was co-authored by Matthew Jason.) The Wall Street Journal released its latest monthly poll of leading economists this week, and the average prediction of the 53 economists interviewed on the survey was that the recession the United States is experiencing will be in the past by September. Does this mean the recovery is […]

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