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RSLC National Survey Release

Here’s a link to an important and interesting national survey released today by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), conducted by Nicole McCleskey. Among the key findings: — President Obama’s approval rating drop now ties Bill Clinton with the steepest decline in presidential approval ratings during the first six months in office. — Important signs […]

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GOP Reconciliation and Resurrection

It wasn’t too long ago that some pundits were writing the obituary of the Republican Party. They jumped the gun. While not out of the woods, there are clear signs that the Republican Party is off life support. In a recent national survey conducted for the Republican State Leadership Committee, the Republican Party brand shows […]

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Big Government is STILL Not the Answer

If President Obama can give just one more speech, then maybe Americans will understand that government really does know best and can be the solution to our problems. Not likely. The American public has down an abrupt about-face in the last six months when confronted with the realities of an Obama Administration and Democratic Congress. […]

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Western States Round-Up: On The Comeback Trail?

It certainly looks that way according to the trend lines. I’ve been keeping tabs on movement in the West, and the positive shifts we have seen this year point to a very different electoral environment than what we faced in November of 2008. Most notably … the generic congressional ballot. Given our volume of national […]

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Obama’s Left-Leanings Not Lost on Voters

Voters were not misguided when they elected Barack Obama last November. They knew he was liberal, but it just didn’t matter because he wasn’t George W. Bush. The Obama Administration’s sharp turn to the Left since taking office is starting to leave a mark on voters. In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, voters labeling […]

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