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Trends to Watch Heading into 2010

By Nicole McCleskey and Bill McInturff As we look back to the Virginia and New Jersey elections, there are five important trends worth watching heading into 2010 that foreshadow good things to come for Republican candidates. 1. Republican voters are incredibly fired up about elections right now. This was on full display in Virginia and […]

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Democrats have good reason to feel afraid

By Bill McInturff and Nicole McCleskey If some Democrats have lost sleep over the last week, it is with good reason.  Republicans are knocking on their doors, loud enough to cause some nightmares heading into 2010. Voters waved good-bye to President Bush in January, and he is increasingly fading in the rear view mirror.  Democrats […]

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By Jay McCleskey, Partner, Lincoln Strategy Group Nicole McCleskey, Partner, Public Opinion Strategies   The Albuquerque Journal labeled the RJ Berry win in the mayoral race “a move to the right.” That is a true statement. But it’s not just because a Republican mayor was elected for the first time in over 20 years. It’s […]

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The New Republican Force

The story shaping up for the 2009 elections might be Republican vote intensity.    We witnessed this Republican enthusiasm last week in the Albuquerque mayor’s race.  It is one thing to say polling indicates we could have a high Republican turnout election.  It is quite another to see it work first-hand.  In Albuquerque, Republicans were […]

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Public Opinion Strategies congratulates Richard “R.J.” Berry, newly elected mayor of Albuquerque, NM.

October 6 – R.J. Berry claimed victory in the race for Albuquerque mayor, defeating three-term incumbent mayor Martin Chavez and former State Senate President and congressional candidate Richard Romero. . Berry won with a decisive margin over his two opponents, earning 44% of the vote in the three-way race to avoid a run-off. Public Opinion […]

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