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Yes, he is a Republican

“And yes, he is a Republican.”  This is how Governor Susana Martinez introduced newly re-elected Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry on Tuesday night.  Not only did Mayor Berry win re-election, he won in astounding fashion, crushing his Democrat opponent by 39 points.  Berry earned 68% of the vote in a city Barack Obama carried by 17 […]

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What’s in your freezer? A guide to Fourth of July entertaining.

Fourth of July. The best of summer. Friends, family and fireworks. And don’t forget the ice cream. We’re headed to the mountains to beat the heat this week. As we plan the shopping list, ice cream is definitely on top. My 7-year old son is bringing a friend with him, and so as any Alpha […]

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Hispanic Voters: Rethinking the Faith & Family Paradigm

Republicans have become fond of saying in various forms: Hispanic voters should be with us because of our shared social values, or, we are the party of faith and family which are important to Hispanic voters. In our Hispanic voter focus groups, the value of family was center stage.  It was one of the defining […]

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Hispanic Voters & Education: The Great Equalizer

One feature of this last election in the minds of the Hispanic voters in our focus groups – Democrats were the party willing to “help” you again and give you loans so that everyone can afford to go to college. Republicans by default were cast in the role of bad guy out to “hurt” average Americans by denying them access to greater opportunity.

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Hispanic Voters and The Economy: Moving Beyond “Opportunity”

Our focus group respondents generally felt more aligned with Democrats on economic issues. These feelings stem from a sense that Democrats are out for the working class, while Republicans are the party of the rich. We have heard a lot about the class divide leading up to and since this most recent election.

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