In the News: U.S. Physician Shortage is Growing

According to public opinion research conducted in 2019 by Public Opinion Strategies for the Association of American Medial Colleges, 35% of voters said they had trouble finding a doctor in the past two or three years. That’s 10 points higher than when the question was asked in 2015. Read more here about the continuing shortfall of physicians.

In the News: GOP Poll Shows Support for Clean Energy

“This survey yielded some surprising results about Republican support for government action in promoting clean energy development and emissions disclosures—both foreign and domestic,” said Neil Newhouse, partner with Public Opinion Strategies. “While the economy remains the dominant issue for Republican voters heading into the election, it was remarkable that a majority of Republicans said they […]

Public Opinion Strategies Congratulates Kentucky Clients on a Successful Primary Night!

The country’s largest Republican survey research firm, Public Opinion Strategies, offers congratulations to winning Kentucky candidates and their pollster, Robert Blizzard, on a job well done! Andy Barr (KY-6) Brett Guthrie (KY-2) Thomas Massie (KY-4) Kentucky Republican Senate Campaign Committee Blizzard and the team at Public Opinion Strategies look forward to playing a role in […]

In the News: The big choice voters are facing in the 2020 Presidential election

“By November, voters are going to have a choice,” stated Neil Newhouse, a veteran Republican pollster. “They already know what they love and hate about Donald Trump. About that they’re absolutely certain. What the voters don’t know is what they love and hate about Joe Biden, and that’s what the campaign is all about.” Read […]

In the News: Republican candidates rally with President Trump

Distancing from Trump would be “a stupid strategy,” said GOP pollster Neil Newhouse. “If the base sees you’re turning your back on the president, they will cut you off.” Read more here about republican candidates seeking reelection

In the News: China is the strong ground to stand on for 2020 election

“It becomes an easy punching bag for politicians, both Republicans and Democrats,” Neil Newhouse said in an interview. For Republicans in particular, Mr. Newhouse said, the strategy “allows them to go on offense, to be aggressive, to take a strong position.” Read more here about the effectiveness of the anti-China message among voters.

In the News: Will older voters decide the 2020 election?

Not that many people need extra motivation to vote this November. “This is an extremely important election, and people on both sides have strong feelings,” says Glen Bolger, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm. “I think that older voters are going to find a way to register their opinions, whether or […]

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