April 24 Coronavirus findings

Our latest summary of public opinion on all things related to the Coronavirus can be found here. Wave 3 (April 7) can be found here, wave 2 (March 28) can be found here and wave 1 (March 7) can be found here. Among the key findings of the most recent summary: Americans Continue To Feel […]

In the News: The Voters Trump Needs Most Right Now

Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research conducted a poll for NBC/Wall Street Journal and found that certain swing groups hold the key to the 2020 presidential race. The constituencies reflected most in this group include white independents, Republicans who don’t regularly watch Fox News (or who consider themselves “soft” partisans), voters in Sun Belt swing […]

In the News: Trump’s plan to save his presidency

“An issue like this—nationalism—could come into play. They may not like everything he’s doing, but they like the way he’s standing up to China,” Neil Newhouse said. Read more here about the issues that could sway 2020 voters.

America Transformed: The Impact of COVID-19 in 10 charts

In only 10 charts we show some of the most dramatic shifts in a month we have witnessed:  A 51 point increase in American voters saying they are worried that they or a family member might get coronavirus.  A precipitous drop in rating the economy with a 25 point decline in only 24 days in […]

In the News: After the Pandemic, Then What?

Neil Newhouse, one of the most senior Republican pollsters in the business and another very wise person, observed, “Half the voters will believe the president took the right action, and the other half will believe he’s failed to meet the needs of the country. Our divisions are extraordinarily deep. This is unlikely to change a […]

In the News: Americans across party lines support offshore wind energy by wide margins

Over 80 percent of U.S. voters favor offshore wind, according to a new AWEA-commissioned study conducted by Public Opinion Strategies. Notably, that support is universal. It transcends across political party affiliation, geography, and every demographic group measured. Read more about the support for offshore energy sources here.

April 7 Coronavirus Polling Summary

We continue to closely monitor public polling on the Coronavirus to share with friends and clients. Our first iteration (3/9) can be found here, our second iteration (3/26) can be found here and a the most recent version can be found here. Among the key findings: Americans continue to look to the health care industry to […]

Measuring the Immediate and consequential economic impact of COVID-19

Key findings: After three optimistic years of the Trump presidency, American economic confidence has completely inverted – all because of COVID-19. As quickly as the market has dropped, so has confidence in the economy. In just 17 days, economic confidence has dropped by more than the 2008 financial crash dropped confidence in over six MONTHS! […]

In the News: Current polling shows a rallying effect among voters

“What to Make of the Trump Approval Ratings Bump” [Amy Walter, Cook Political Report]. “Robert Blizzard, a partner at the GOP polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, argues there are just way too many unknowns at this point to be able to credibly predict where Trump’s job approval ratings will be, even in the near term future. […]

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