Key Findings: Suburban Women

Women wrestled with this decision – waiting longer to make up their minds – with a high number keeping their vote a secret. It came down to the economy and the virus with suburban women prioritizing each equally. Click here to learn more about the suburban woman.

Key Findings: “Shy Trump Voters”

Unlike Bigfoot, “Shy Trump Voters” exist, and they tend to be female, higher educated, suburban and married. Click here for the full slide deck on “Shy Trump Voters.”

In the News: Dire predictions about the Republican Party were wrong

“House Republicans not only picked up a half-dozen or more seats when they were expected to lose double-digits,” Newhouse noted, “but they didn’t lose a single incumbent in the general election, and Republicans didn’t lose control of any state legislative body across the country. And you know why that’s important — redistricting.” Read more about […]

In the News: After 2018 wake-up call, Texas Republicans were ready to fight back this year

A little over a week before Election Day, Tony Gonzales’ campaign got internal poll results that caught its attention. Nicole McCleskey of Public Opinion Strategies, had been surveying the Hispanic-majority district since Hurd’s first race in 2014. She said that especially in the 23rd District, it is important not to consider Hispanic voters as a […]

In the News: Why Katko knew he was in good position to win: His pollster got it right.

Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm that has conducted internal polls for Katko’s campaign since his first run in 2014, found that the GOP congressman had a sizable lead in the district. One poll released over the summer showed Katko up by 11 points — a remarkably different result than others. Read more about how […]

Post Election National Survey

Public Opinion Strategies completed N=1600 interviews last night with 2020 voters. There is a lot more to learn and say about this election, but, here are five initial key takeaways from this work: President Trump won the 30% who voted on Election Day by 26 points (59% for Trump/33% for Biden). Late deciders broke heavily […]

In the News: Trump lead in Iowa poll rattles Democrats

Republican pollster Bill McInturff said the outcome would come down to states with “huge numbers of white, non-college [voters] who’ve not yet voted”. Read more about the few states, including Iowa, that will have the deciding votes here.

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