In the News: Trump is running short of time and targets

Undecided voters tend to break away from the incumbent,” observes veteran Republican pollster Neil Newhouse. “In this case, it might be different.” Read more about the past trends in undecided voters here.

In the News: Is ‘clean energy’ a winning topic for GOP candidates?

“Republican candidates in Texas will help themselves with these groups [GOP and independent women] by including more messaging and support for clean energy innovation and production.” Republican pollster Glen Bolger stated, who conducted such a poll for Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation. Read more about the groups clean energy tests well with here.

National Coronavirus Survey

Friends and clients: A new national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies in partnership with Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock examines some of the critical issues that continue to surround the Coronavirus pandemic The Debate Over Vaccination Looms As The Battle For Masking Wanes: More than three-quarters of Americans indicate always wearing a mask in […]

In the News: National Poll – More voters recognize the value of local health departments

Elizabeth Harrington, the principal researcher and a partner at Public Opinion Strategies, said, “The increased importance of public health departments is significant, but not surprising given the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the increase among Republicans, white voters, and males was particularly striking. On many issues, you see division between Democrats and Republicans, but today majorities of […]

In the News: How Trump could win reelection

“The president needs to flush Biden out of the pocket,” Neil Newhouse, a leading Republican pollster, told me. “He has to smoke him out every day between now and the election.” Read more about how Trump must make this election about Biden in order to win here.

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