In the News: Why a ‘hidden’ Trump vote could change the 2020 outcome

“We assume the race will tighten, and as that happens, the size of the shy Trump vote could very easily come into play,” said Neil Newhouse. In post-election polling, when he asked people if they had ever been unwilling to talk about their vote, 35 percent of Trump voters said yes. And they tended to […]

In the News: Some Americans worry Trump will open schools too fast

“I have yet to see any data where there are appreciable numbers of people who say, ‘Yes, I want my kids back in school,’” Glen Bolger, a veteran Republican pollster, said in an interview. “They want their kids back in school, but not right now. I think safety is taking priority over education.” Read more […]

In the News: National poll shows Americans strongly support more relief funding for the nation’s hospitals

A national survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and funded by the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care and its founding members the American Hospital Association and Federation of American Hospitals, found 75% of voters across the country support providing hospitals an additional $100 billion in relief funding to help combat COVID-19. Further, the survey […]

In the News: Who is Bill Stepien? A data-obsessed campaign manager for Trump’s 2020 campaign

Neil Newhouse, co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, a polling firm known for its work with Republican candidates, called Mr. Stepien a “no drama kind of guy,” adding that the shift signaled that the Trump campaign realizes it is in trouble. “They’ve hit the emergency flasher in the campaign,” Mr. Newhouse said. “It’s an indication that […]

The Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Health Care

Wondering how COVID-19 might change our health care system going forward? Telehealth Is Here To Stay We Will See Growth In Other Forms Of Care Delivery As Well We Will See An Elevated Focus On Health Disparities “Pandemic Ready” Will Likely Drive Operational Changes Providers Are Positioned To Lead On Vaccine Education Click here to […]

In the News: U.S. Physician Shortage is Growing

According to public opinion research conducted in 2019 by Public Opinion Strategies for the Association of American Medial Colleges, 35% of voters said they had trouble finding a doctor in the past two or three years. That’s 10 points higher than when the question was asked in 2015. Read more here about the continuing shortfall of physicians.

In the News: GOP Poll Shows Support for Clean Energy

“This survey yielded some surprising results about Republican support for government action in promoting clean energy development and emissions disclosures—both foreign and domestic,” said Neil Newhouse, partner with Public Opinion Strategies. “While the economy remains the dominant issue for Republican voters heading into the election, it was remarkable that a majority of Republicans said they […]

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