In the News: How the Public is approaching the Covid-19 vaccine

Jarrett Lewis, who specializes in health at Public Opinion Strategies, said he’s learned from focus groups that people’s trust builds when family members or friends are safely vaccinated. “It’s not the efficacy rate,” he said. “It’s word of mouth.” Read more about the public’s attitude towards the new vaccines here.

In the News: We Can See the Left. We Can See the Right. Is There Still a Center?

Bill McInturff, a founder of the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, cast doubt on the prospects for a new centrism, “I am not sanguine about a national campaign that tries to find a middle ground on major cultural issues as being viable. We are in a “no compromise” era and that’s not changing any […]

In the News: The Battle Over Democrats’ COVID-19 Relief Bill Is Just Beginning

Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster at Public Opinion Strategies, said the legislation could get less popular over time as the public learned more about its non-COVID-19 provisions. “What Republicans have to do is turn it into midnight basketball,” he said, referring to a program Republicans attacked as frivolous in 1990s crime legislation. “You have to […]

In the News: Democrats are anxious about 2022 – and 2024

Public Opinion Strategies, which conducts surveys for NBC News, provided data on presidential voting from 2012 to 2020 that show significant Republican gains among the roughly 30 percent of Black and Hispanic voters who self-identify as conservative. Read more about the shift towards the conservative mindset here.

National Telehealth Survey

On behalf of hims & hers, Public Opinion Strategies conducted a national online survey of 1,200 adults (including 1,064 Registered Voters), February 4-9, 2021. Nearly six-in-ten respondents (58%) say access to medical care is a problem where they live. Telehealth has had explosive growth over the past 20 months. A majority of respondents  (51%) have […]

In the News: Consumer Survey Reveals Worries About Rising Health Care Costs

A new survey from ALG Research and Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) reveals that voters want relief from high out-of-pocket costs and insurance deductibles that pose a barrier to health care access. Read more about what voters want when it comes to healthcare here.

In the News: Don’t read this while driving

A new survey from Public Opinion Strategies partner Neil Newhouse found that Ohioans believe distracted driving is the top danger on Ohio’s roads, and suggests public support for DeWine’s proposal to pass a tougher law with tougher penalties for drivers who do it. Read more about the support for the ban on touching electronic devices […]

National Coronavirus Survey – One Year Mark

A new national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies in partnership with Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock examines some critical issues to navigate during the last few miles of the coronavirus pandemic: Vaccine Distribution Debate With the rollout of an effective vaccine, a majority of Americans are eager to receive the vaccine when it becomes […]

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