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Going up, or coming down?

This article was co-authored by Bill McInturff and Alex Bratty Is the looming threat to our economy rising inflation, or falling prices, known as deflation? That’s the current debate raging among economists as this month brought some more staggering statistics. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) dropped 0.1% in March and was flat in April. However, […]

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The President’s Perception Gap

This article was co-authored by Bill McInturff and Alex Bratty. As the debate over health care heats up and President Obama starts to sell his plan in earnest to the American people, he’s facing a pretty significant perception gap between what the public believe he’s focused on and what they think he should be focused […]

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Once Confidence Is Shaken, It Takes A While To Stir.

(This post was co-authored by Bill McInturff and Julia Sprague) Public Opinion Strategies has been fascinated by the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (MCSI) for some time now. The MCSI is a monthly survey, with data available by month since 1978 and by quarter from 1952-1977, which gauges confidence among U.S. consumers. Given the current recession […]

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