Ballot Initiative Wins
No on Measure 1 A no vote opposes an act providing for the protection of wild salmon and fish and wildlife habitat AK 2018 Win
Yes on Proposition 126 A yes vote amends the Arizona Constitution that prohibited state and local governments from enacting any new or increased tax on services that was not already in effect on December 31, 2017 AZ 2018 Win
No on Proposition 127 A no vote will preserve the existing rules that govern the required annual percentage of retail sales of renewable energy by electric utilities AZ 2018 Win
No on Proposition 8 A no vote opposes regulating amounts outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge for dialysis treatment CA 2018 Win
No on Measure G A no vote opposes the prohibition any new petroleum extraction and all well stimulation treatments, as defined in the full‐text of the measure, including hydraulic fracturing and acid well stimulation, on all lands within the unincorporated area of the county CA 2018 Win
Yes on Marsy’s Law A yes vote gives victims of crimes equal protections in the legal system. Examples are the rights to be properly informed and aware of the processing of a perpetrating GA 2018 Win
Yes on Community School District 99 Referendum A yes vote funds $136.6 million for school district improvements IL 2018 Win
Yes on Glenview Park District Referendum A yes vote funds $17 million to renovate ice center and make park district improvements IL 2018 Win
Yes On Maine Township District 207 Referendum A yes vote funds $195 million for school district improvements IL 2018 Win
No on Issue 1 A no vote opposes reducing penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing, and using illegal drugs in Ohio. OH 2018 Win
Yes on Issue 9 A yes vote authorizes Hamilton County to impose a property tax increase to fund foster care and children services. OH 2018 Win
Yes on Issue 10 A yes vote would switch Cincinnati City Council at-large member terms from four years back to two years. OH 2018 Win
Yes on Issue 11 A yes vote would keep four-year terms for city council members,  but stagger them so four or five candidates are up for election every two years. OH 2018 Win
No on Amendment W A no vote opposes an amendment that would change campaign finance and lobbying laws, create a government accountability board, and change certain initiative and referendum provisions. SD 2018 Win
Yes on Initiated Measure 24 A yes vote will prohibit contributions to ballot question committees by non‐residents, out‐of‐state political committees, and entities that are not filed with the Secretary of State. SD 2018 Win
No on Transit Referendum A no vote opposes tax increases to build 26 miles of light rail, rapid bus routes, a downtown tunnel, and more transit centers in Nashville. TN 2018 Win
No on Issue 2 A no vote opposes requiring state government programs that buy prescription drugs to pay the same or less for prescription medications as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs OH 2017 Win
No on Proposition 204 A no vote opposes a sales tax measure to fund early childhood education in the City of Tucson AZ 2017 Win
Yes on South Suburban Park
and Recreation District Issue 4B & 4C
A yes vote extends mil property tax levy to fund district operations CO 2017 Win
Yes on Foothills Park and
Recreation District Mill Levy Increase
A yes vote increases the mil levy to fund district operations CO 2017 Win
No on
Proposition 2
A no vote opposes making it an infraction to allow a rail car to ship uncontained coal and types of oil through the downtown Spokane core, or within 2,000 feet of a school, hospital, or the Spokane River. WA 2017 Win
No on Proposition 205 A no vote opposes allowing individuals to possess, grow and purchase marijuana from state-licensed facilities for personal use AZ 2016 Win
Yes on Proposition 123 A yes vote increases annual distributions from the State Land Trust Permanent Endowment Fund from 2.5% to 6.9% to benefit Arizona K-12 schools, colleges, and other beneficiary institutions AZ 2016 Win
Eagle County (CO) School District A yes vote provides additional funding for the school district CO 2016 Win
Summit County (CO) Housing Authority A yes vote provides funding for affordable housing CO 2016 Win
Summit County (CO) School District A yes vote provides additional funding for the school district CO 2016 Win
Alachua County (FL) Wild Spaces A yes vote raises the sales tax to create, maintain, and improve public spaces FL 2016 Win
Brevard County (FL) Lagoon Cleanup A yes vote increased funding for improving water quality and the marine life habitat in the Indian River Lagoon FL 2016 Win
Lasalle Peru (IL) School Distirct A yes vote increases raises property taxes to provide additional funding for the school district IL 2016 Win
Lake Michigan (MI) College A yes vote increases property taxes to improve campus facilities and safety MI 2016 Win
Connect NC Public Improvement Bond A yes vote funds capital improvements and new facilities for the state NC 2016 Win
No on Oregon Measure 97 A no vote opposes increasing the corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; fund education, healthcare, senior services OR 2016 Win
No on Initiated Measure 23 A no vote opposes giving corporate and non-profit organizations the right to charge a fee for any service provided SD 2016 Win
Yes on Amendment R A yes vote creates a separate governance for postsecondary technical education institutes SD 2016 Win
Yes on Amendment S A yes vote expands the rights of crime victims SD 2016 Win
No on Amendment V A no vote opposes establishing non-partisan elections SD 2016 Win
Texas Rangers Ballpark A yes vote provides funding for a new ballpark for the Texas Rangers TX 2016 Win
Arapahoe, CO Library District A yes vote increased property taxes to fund district operations CO 2015 Win
Greeley, CO A yes vote increased sales taxes for local road improvements CO 2015 Win
Whitley County, IN School District A yes vote approves bonds to fund the 2016 Safety, Security, Replacement and Restoration Project IN 2015 Win
No on Question 1 A no vote opposes raising the Portland, ME minimum wage to $15. ME 2015 Win
Yes on Issue 1 A yes vote creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing state legislative districts. OH 2015 Win
No on Issue 3 A no vote opposes granting a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana OH 2015 Win
No on Title 43 A no vote approves a law that provides a corporate income tax credit for qualified oil and gas industry expenditures AK 2014 Win
Yes on Arizona 122 Rejection of Unconstitutional Federal Actions Amendment AZ 2014 Win
No on Prop 45 Healthcare insurance rate changes CA 2014 Win
Falcon School District School bond measure CO 2014 Win
Larimer County, CO Allow for use of county sales and use tax to maintain and administer open space and other natural areas CO 2014 Win
North Metro (CO) Fire District Funding for local fire departments CO 2014 Win
South Suburban (CO) Park and Recreation Department Funding for renovating and new park projects CO 2014 Win
City of Loveland, CO Prevent moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing CO 2014 Win
Summit County, CO Levy measure for water quality protection and emergency service response CO 2014 Win
Yes on Amendment 1 Water and land conversation measure FL 2014 Win
New Trier High School District School bond measure IL 2014 Win
Joliet Park District School bond measure IL 2014 Win
No on Question 2 Prevent expansion of bottle deposits on containers of non-alcoholic non-carbonated drinks MA 2014 Win
No on Question 3 Against a prohibition of casinos, slot machines, and simulcast greyhound races MA 2014 Win
Yes on Question 6 Water and wetlands ballot measure ME 2014 Win
Montcalm Community College Community College tax levy MI 2014 Win
Kirtland Community College Community College bond measure MI 2014 Win
Bernalillo County, NM Open space levy measure NM 2014 Win
Yes on Question 1 Creation of a State Intermediate Appellate Court NV 2014 Win
Yes on Issue 1 To renew bonds to finance public infrastructure projects for local governments such as roads, bridges, and sewers OH 2014 Win
Franklin County, OH Children Services To renew a levy to benefit Franklin County Children Services OH 2014 Win
City of Youngstown, OH Against a prohibition of fracking and infrastructre that supported gas producetion OH 2014 Win
Yes on Amendment Q Expansion of casino gaming in Deadwood casino SD 2014 Win
Yes on Amendment 1 To give the state legislature the ability to regulate abortion TN 2014 Win
Yes on Amendment 2 State Supreme Court Justice appointments TN 2014 Win
Sheridan County, WY County excise tax WY 2014 Win
Yes on Amendment One Extends Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust Amendment for 20 years AL 2012 Win
Central CO Water District Provide funding to address water shortages and provide working farms and raches with water CO 2012 Win
No on Proposal Two Grant public and private employees the constitutional right to organize and bargain collectively through labor unions MI 2012 Win
No on Issue 2 Would create a citizen commission to draw legislative and congressional district maps OH 2012 Win
Yes on Proposition 20 Congressional district lines to be re-drawn by a committee CA 2010 Win
Yes on Proposition 26 Requires a 2/3 supermajority vote in the legislature to pass certain fees CA 2010 Win
No on Proposition 27 Return task of redistricting to the California State Legislature CA 2010 Win
Yes on 3A Littleton Public Schools District tax levy increase CO 2010 Win
Yes on Ballot Issue A South Suburban Park and Recreation extend property tax levy CO 2010 Win
Vote YES for Beachfront Park Bonds $5 million bond to acquire, develop and preserve beach front property FL 2010 Win
Quality Growth Fund Continued re-allocation of a portion of sales taxes for Quality Growth Fund ND 2010 Win
Yes for Issues 1 for Jobs Extend the Ohio 3rd Frontier Program to promote economic growth OH 2010 Win
Yes for Issues 2 for Casinos Change location of Columbus Casino Facility authorized by previous vote OH 2010 Win
Yes on Measure 34-181 Tigard’s Water, Natural Areas and Wildlife Bond Measure OR 2010 Win
Amendment K Protects the right to secret ballots in federal, state, and union elections SD 2010 Win
Yes on Issue 3 for Casinos Authorize Four Casinos to be built in Ohio OH 2009 Win
Yes on Proposition 100 Block the legislature from enacting a real estate transfer tax AZ 2008 Win
Yes on Proposition 102 Amend constitution to recognize marriage between one man & one woman AZ 2008 Win
Yes on Proposition 9 Laws governing treatment crime victims and parole procedures CA 2008 Win
Yes on Proposition 11 Independent commission to draw legislative district boundaries CA 2008 Win
Yes on Amendment 1 Portability of Save Our Homes Cap FL 2008 Win
Yes on 1 Would repeal Legislature’s bill LD431 to tax beverages and doctors visits ME 2008 Win
Yes on Funding/ Outdoors Heritage Sales tax increase of three eighths of one percent MN 2008 Win
Yes on Issue 2 Borrow $400 million for environmental conservation, preservation purposes OH 2008 Win
Open & Clean Gov’ Act Proposes to end taxpayer-funded lobbying SD 2008 Win
Wyandotte County, Game Initiative New Indian gaming casino/entertainment KS 2007 Win
City of Dallas, Trinity River Project Stop toll road from being built TX 2007 Win
No on Prop 82 Reiner Initiative Mandatory Pre-School CA 2006 Win
No on San Diego Co Prop A Use of military land for airport CA 2006 Win
Yes on San Bernardino Meas Term limits for SB County Supervisors CA 2006 Win
Yes on California Prop 83 Jessica’s Law CA 2006 Win
No on Westlake Village Measure Z Stop construction of Lowe’s store CA 2006 Win
No On Amendment 40 Term limits for judiciary CO 2006 Win
No on Referendum I Marriage amendment CO 2006 Win
Yes on Referred Measure 5A Affordable housing in Summit County CO 2006 Win
Yes on Amendment 43 Ban same sex marriage CO 2006 Win
For Clean Water/ Wildlife Habitat Environmental protection FL 2006 Win
American Water Company (Vote No) Eminent domain – KY American Water KY 2006 Win
Yes on Amendment 5 Early childhood education funding NE 2006 Win
Vote No on Amendment D Property assessments and taxes SD 2006 Win
Yes on South Dakota Tobacco Tax Tobacco tax for smoking education SD 2006 Win
YES on Amendment 1 Marriage amendment TN 2006 Win
Yes on City of Dallas 12 Bond Initiatives General obligation bond measures TX 2006 Win
Yes to Arizona Tech Transfer Financial benefits for university researchers AZ 2004 Win
San Diego Prop B “Vote No” Construction of new landfill CA 2004 Win
Yes on Measure J School bond measure CA 2004 Win
No on Measure M Repeal city utility tax CA 2004 Win
No on Measure N Prohibit using city funds for municipal utility CA 2004 Win
No on Prop 62 Establish Louisiana-style primary elections CA 2004 Win
No on Prop 66 Place limitations on “Three Strikes” law CA 2004 Win
Yes on Prop 69 Create mandatory DNA collection database CA 2004 Win
Yes on 3A Mill levy override to fund school operations CO 2004 Win
Yes on 3A & 3B Mill levy for capital improvements/technology CO 2004 Win
Yes on 2A Establish sales tax for trails and open space CO 2004 Win
Vote Yes, Defense of Marriage Constitutional amendment defining marriage MI 2004 Win
Yes on Three Limit attorney’s fees in med mal cases NV 2004 Win
No, NV. Insurance Rates Amend insurance rates and practices NV 2004 Win
No, NV. Frivolous Lawsuits Amend lawyer penalties for frivolous lawsuits NV 2004 Win
Yes, in Favor of Issue 1 Defense of marriage amendment OH 2004 Win
No, SD Food Sales Tax Exempt food from sales and use taxes SD 2004 Win
Yes, Arlington, TX Stadium Public financing for new stadium TX 2004 Win
Yes on X Sales tax increase for natural preservation UT 2004 Win
OPS Extension Tax extension for trails, open space & parks CO 2003 Win
Arapahoe County Open Space Establish county wide sales tax for open space CO 2003 Win
Summit County Extend tax for water supply, biomass, rec. CO 2003 Win
For the Kids Increase taxes to assist abused children OH 2003 Win
Yes on Bond Issue Bond Issue CA 2002 Win
Yes on Bond Measure Bond Issue CA 2002 Win
No on Bond Measure Bond Issue CA 2002 Win
No on Measure HH Utility tax in Huntington Beach CA 2002 Win
Yes on Measures J & L Development in El Segundo CA 2002 Win
St. Vrain Valley Schools $212.9 million bond for schools CO 2002 Win
Keeping a Strong Foundation Littleton Schools Bond Initiative CO 2002 Win
Citizens for Vail’s Future Lodging/Sales tax on Conference Center CO 2002 Win
Citizens for Open Space Property Tax for Open Space CO 2002 Win
People For Responsible Growth Approve County/Resort Land Agreement CO 2002 Win
Arizona Wins Initiative Stadium Initiative (Arizona Cardinals) AZ 2000 Win
Arizona Education 2000 Increase Education Funding AZ 2000 Win
Yes on 1A Tribal Gaming CA 2000 Win
Yes on Prop 21 Juvenile Crime CA 2000 Win
Yes on Measure U Transient Occupancy Tax Increase CA 2000 Win
No on Measure Q Huntington Beach Anti-Utility Tax CA 2000 Win
Elk Grove Cityhood Campaign CA 2000 Win
No on Pekin Takeover City Takeover of Water Utility IL 2000 Win
Yes on Issue 4 Income Tax Rate Reduction MA 2000 Win
No on Prop. A Limit Billboards on Roads MO 2000 Win
No on Prop. B Public Financing of Campaigns MO 2000 Win
Yes on Issue 1 Brownfield/Greenfields OH 2000 Win
No on Amend. D Banning Video Lottery SD 2000 Win
Yes on Amend. E Increase Bet Limits in Deadwood City SD 2000 Win
Travis County Anti-Light Rail TX 2000 Win
Yuma Wal-Mart expansion AZ 1999 Win
Los Arcos Arena – Concept and Finance Plan AZ 1999 Win
Fountain Hills Target store development AZ 1999 Win
Scottsdale Los Arcos financing AZ 1999 Win
SCIP’99 Colorado Springs Improvement Program CO 1999 Win
Issue 1 Statewide School Bond OH 1999 Win
Issue 20 Permanent Sales Tax OH 1999 Win
Issue 4 City Charter Change OH 1999 Win
Proposition 1 Prop. tax increase for Seattle Center WA 1999 Win
Yes Prop. 303 Growth AZ 1998 Win
Yes on Prop 227 English Immersion (Anti-Bilingual Ed) CA 1998 Win
Yes on Initiative 4A Stadium Initiative (Denver Broncos) CO 1998 Win
No on B Anti-Euthanasia MI 1998 Win
No on Issue 11 Stadium Location OH 1998 Win
Yes on Issue 12 Anti-Tax OH 1998 Win
Yes on Ref. 1 Stadium Init. (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) FL 1996 Win
Yes on Issue 1 Stadium Initiative (Cincinnati Bengals) OH 1996 Win

Public Opinion Strategies helped us to clarify what we wanted to learn and then conducted research and analysis that shed light even beyond the questions we set out to ask. They were very receptive to our suggestions, responsive to our queries, and flexible when we needed them to be.

Public Opinion Strategies has consistently offered unparalleled advice and spot-on polling that has shaped how and where we spent money and deploy key resources. Additionally, they have always been an excellent steward of limited campaign resources, ensuring we spend wisely and not a dollar more than necessary in order to get the information we need.

Robert Blizzard and Public Opinion Strategies did a great job for us throughout our successful campaign for Congress. Robert gave us accurate data, spot on analysis, and professional advice, all of which were essential to our victory.

Public Opinion Strategies is one of our go-to pollsters when it comes to testing public support for bond ballot measures and other initiative proposals. They are available to provide ongoing consultation with regard to crafting of ballot questions, public outreach messaging, and related efforts.

ACLI has worked with Public Opinion Strategies for decades, through several tough industry battles—often ones in which public opinion does not naturally fall on the side of insurers. Yet Bill and his team consistently provide invaluable strategic advice by refining our messages and helping us frame our issues in a way that makes them understandable and persuasive.

The data from Public Opinion Strategies provided important insight and informed our public awareness campaign. We sincerely appreciate their professionalism and expertise in this arena.

Nicole McCleskey and the team at Public Opinion Strategies have been invaluable to me, both during my campaigns and as Governor of the State of New Mexico. It’s not just the accuracy of their numbers, but guiding the overall strategy that makes them so valuable.

Public Opinion Strategies has been a part of our team in Missouri for more than a decade. With their data and guidance, Republicans here were able to attain a majority in the House in 2002 for the first time in fifty years, and we have been able to grow that majority to the point that we now have a record, veto-proof majority.

In my tenure at two leading business associations, facing huge and complex consumer issues, I have benefitted enormously from the objective advisory skills of Bill and his team. They do their homework, they are rigorous, dispassionate and thoughtful. Turning questions into answers is a clever tag, but it’s also an apt description of the professional talents of the firm.

I consider Public Opinion Strategies to be a part of our team. That is the way we have always worked. They have helped us to understand our needs and fashioned research solutions to meet those needs. They have helped us to meet killer deadlines by being flexible, executing rapidly, and insuring quality. Teamwork is the best way to describe it.

Accuracy, speed, and deep knowledge of key issues and public sentiment are the hallmarks of quality opinion research, and on these measures Public Opinion Strategies consistently delivers. I have had the pleasure of working with Public Opinion Strategies for more than 15 years on dozens of issues, and they are undoubtedly the gold standard.

Public Opinion Strategies’ track record of success and wealth of experience in political campaigns and issue advocacy are why they are one of the most trusted and well respected public opinion firms in Washington, D.C. Their insights and perspectives have helped to inform a wide array of public affairs activities across multiple industries.

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