The CNBC All-America Economic Survey in July 2023 sheds new light on how Americans are reacting to companies taking public stands on political, social and cultural issues.

Important new information from this survey of 1,000 American adults includes:

  1. 58% of adults say it is inappropriate for companies to take public stands on political/social/cultural issues.
  2. Americans are nearly twice as likely to boycott companies they disagree with (47%) than buy from companies they agree with (24%).
  3. Opinion differs by party, age, and household income.

For more, click here for the 12 page slide deck walking through this data.

About the Poll: The CNBC All-America Economic Survey is a quarterly bi-partisan poll of U.S. Adults (18+) covering key measures of economic confidence and other business/economic issues. Micah Roberts (Partner, Public Opinion Strategies) and Jay Campbell (Partner, Hart Research Associates) lead the drafting and analysis for their respective firm.

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