Survey of Military Spouses Identifies Need for Employment Opportunities

On behalf of Hiring our Heroes, an initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Public Opinion Strategies conducted a survey of 1,273 spouses of active duty military service members and recent veterans.  Data from the project was released at the Military Spouse Employment Summit and a white paper summarizing the results can be found here:

Key findings include:

  • Unemployment and underemployment continue to be significant challenges for most military spouses. Many are in part time or seasonal positions when they would prefer full time or permanent work.
  • Military spouses with degrees face the greatest challenges in nearly every measurable employment category. They face the highest rates of unemployment and the most difficulty finding meaningful work.
  • Moves between duty stations play havoc on careers. Not only do most military spouses have to quit jobs because of a move, they face long periods of unemployment after the move.
  • Like most American families, military families want and need two incomes – something that is much harder for military families to achieve.
  • The lack of employment opportunities creates stress and influences a family’s decision to stay In or leave the military – factors that ultimately hurt military readiness, retention, and recruiting.

The military spouses project builds upon our prior research on behalf of Hiring our Heroes, including surveys of recent veterans and human resources professionals to better understand the challenges facing veteran employment.  A summary of these projects can be found here:

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