Public Opinion Strategies Milestone: Celebrating the 25th Work Anniversary of Three Partners

Alexandra, Virginia, June 27, 2023 – 2023 marks an important milestone at Public Opinion Strategies (POS) as Partners Elizabeth Harrington, Patrick Lanne, and Nicole McCleskey celebrate their 25th work anniversaries with our company.

Elizabeth Harrington joined POS in 1998 as a Project Director and became a Partner in 2007.  Elizabeth’s research focus is public policy and public affairs that spans the health care, public health, energy, technology, education, financial, and foreign policy sectors.  She has helped build successful advertising, branding, public awareness, public policy and communications campaigns for companies, associations, foundations, and public policy organizations.  Her extensive experience in health care has influenced patient education and decision making, public health and disease, access, health equity, health system reform, media tracking, message, and advertising testing.

Patrick Lanne joined POS in 1998 as a Project Director and became a Partner in 2007.  Patrick serves as a pollster for Republican officials at every level of government, having polled for 15 members of Congress, three Governors, a US Senator, five winning statewide initiative campaigns and state legislative campaigns in a dozen states, and has secured key wins in the 2016, 2020 and 2022 election cycles.  In addition to his political experience, Patrick has extensive public affairs experience in the areas of health care, tort reform, early education, economic development, and tobacco prevention.

Nicole McCleskey began her career with POS as a Project Director in 1998 and became a Partner in 2007.  Since then, Nicole has built an extensive practice polling and advising gubernatorial races throughout the country, including providing the polling in 13 gubernatorial races in 2022.  Nicole has also provided polling and strategic guidance to several Members of Congress and multiple Republican office-holders at all levels over the last two decades.  Nicole’s political experience is complemented by an extensive public affairs research resume that includes crisis management, strategic planning, corporate image development, and media testing.

Bill McInturff, Managing Partner, said “the two greatest drafts in history are the 1983 NFL draft with three Hall of Fame quarterbacks and here in 1998 when Elizabeth, Nicole, and Patrick all joined our firm!  They helped build this firm, train the next generation, and are remarkably talented researchers in their own right.  We would not have accomplished all this firm has done without them and we have been grateful for 25 years they are with us.”

Each of these partners has had a significant impact on the growth and development of Public Opinion Strategies, and we celebrate them, their achievements, and this 25th work anniversary milestone!

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