Public Opinion Strategies completed N=1600 interviews last night with 2020 voters. There is a lot more to learn and say about this election, but, here are five initial key takeaways from this work:

  1. President Trump won the 30% who voted on Election Day by 26 points (59% for Trump/33% for Biden).
  2. Late deciders broke heavily towards President Trump. Among voters who decided in October or later (11% of the electorate), Trump won by 16 points (51% Trump/35% Biden/14% Third Party Candidate).
  3. President Trump continued to enjoy crushing margins among non-college white men (67% Trump/27% Biden)
  4. Former Vice President Biden did win seniors, but by just one point (48% Trump/49% Biden).
  5. There were more “shy Trump voters” than “shy Biden voters.” Nineteen percent (19%) of Trump voters said they kept their support for Trump a secret from most of their friends, compared to just 8% of Biden voters.

Click here for a brief slide deck on understanding the Election.


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