POS in the News – September 27, 2013

A poll done in Wisconsin regarding a program to encourage healthy living in schools and neighborhoods was mentioned in a University of Wisconsin-Madison News post.

Also in relation to the Wisconsin healthy living poll, an audio clip from partner Patrick Lanne was included in a Wisconsin Radio Network article.

Partner Gene Ulm’s blog post about the 2014 congressional elections was picked up by the Huffington Post’s Pollster Update.

Partner Glen Bolger was quoted in a National Journal article about the fear of a government shutdown.

The firm was also mentioned in a different article about the possible shutdown; this time from the Washington Examiner.

NBC News’s First Read quoted partner Bill McInturff in an article about the president’s waning support from congressional Democrats.

Bill was also mentioned in regard to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in a National Journal article about the political environment leading up to the next election.

Another National Journal article mentioned Mr. McInturff and the NBC/WSJ poll, this one about about Independent voting dynamics.

The Huffington Post’s Pollster Update also highlighted Bill’s POS blog post about his findings in the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Along with the NBC poll, Bill was also mentioned frequently in relation to a new CNBC poll.  Reuters, the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, and NBC News all carried stories relating to the poll and its significance in the current defund Obamacare/shut down the government puzzle.

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