Despite reaching the enrollment mark for the Affordable Care Act, Bill McInturff says Obama is still a “major drag on the party” in a article posted by the National Journal, and, also states in The Financial Times, “…when you have numbers like his, no one wants you to come into their states.”

Bill McInturff is mentioned in the National Journal in an article about political risks each party is exposed to due to the drawn-out conflict over the Affordable Care Act.

The upcoming November midterm elections has Senate Democrats  struggling to come up with a message that builds enthusiasm to turn out voters and keep their majority, Neil Newhouse says, “they’ve got to do this. Otherwise, they’re totally doomed” in an article by The Washington Post. In another article about the midterm elections by The Washington Post, Neil Newhouse says “…it’s a battle between Democrats trying to turn out ACA supporters [versus] Republicans turning out opponents.”

Neil Newhouse is quoted in a CNN article about the Affordable Care Act and the role it will play in the 2014 November elections.

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