Over the weekend, Mark Blumenthal of Pollster.com linked to Alex Bratty’s recent blog post, “Buyers’ Remorse?

From an article by Politico’s Jonathan Martin regarding Sarah Palin’s Friday announcement that she was resigning as Governor of Alaska:

“There is just no good way to say quitting has made her more qualified to run for higher office,” said veteran GOP pollster Glen Bolger.

An excerpt from a recent editorial in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on climate change:

It’s a course most Americans support: According to Environment and Energy Publishing, the Democratic firm Mellman Group and the Republican group Public Opinion Strategies conducted a survey that found that 78% of voters still want the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That number is virtually unchanged since the firms asked that question in March – prior to the start of the House energy debate – when 77% supported action to reduce emissions.

Additionally, 72% of voters support the core principles of the energy legislation that would reduce emissions and force expanded use of renewable energy. Eighteen percent oppose such legislation.

Public Opinion Strategies