Neil Newhouse was quoted in a National Journal article about President Obama’s declining poll numbers.

“Once his job approval hits the percentage of the vote he got on Election Day, that means… his honeymoon is over,” said GOP pollster Neil Newhouse. “That’s the official demarcation denoting the end of the honeymoon. It was a good one for him, it lasted six months, but now he’s back to where he was on Election Day.”

Charlie Cook from National Journal also comments on the recent WSJ/NBC poll.

Bill McInturff was quoted in a post on NBC’s First Read about Obama’s place in partisan politics.

NBC/WSJ co-pollster Bill McInturff (R) says Obama had been flying above the partisan fray, but he’s now come back down to earth. “The question I asked back in February was: When does political gravity take hold? The answer is in this survey. It is happening now.”

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