Oregon Public Radio posted an article¬† discussing the recent decline in Obama’s approval ratings and referenced a recent NPR poll conducted by POS and Greenburg.

Power Line quotes Neil Newhouse in post about Sarah Palin’s political future on the national stage.

The first comes from pollster Neil Newhouse. He says: “It’s unquestionable that [Palin] has a future in the GOP, but it’s a bit more in doubt whether she has a future with the general electorate.” Newhouse adds that Palin “has a considerable rehabilitation job ahead of her to win the support of non-GOPers.”

Gene Ulm is quoted in an AP article in the New York Times about the future of Sen. Vitter.

Gene Ulm, a Republican consultant who does polling for Vitter, said voters are in no mood to hear attacks about Vitter’s personal life. Instead, Ulm said, the election will be largely about Democrats’ handling of the economy. Officials at the National Republican Senatorial Committee already are signaling that if Melancon runs, the GOP would focus its campaign on his support for recent economic bailouts and stimulus spending.

”We know that midterm elections are a referendum on the party in power,” Ulm said. ”When you have an economic environment like this … if it doesn’t have to do with people’s economic worries and hardships, it’s just immaterial.”

AZCentral.com mentioned a POS poll in Arizona concerning a possible sales tax hike.

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