Deseret News discussed the results of a poll for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, which most notably found that Americans are looking to focus on preventative healthcare rather than just “sick care.”

“We gave Americans a list of proposals being considered to reform health care, and investing in prevention trumped them all,” said pollster Bill McInturff. “It’s clear that Americans see the value of prevention for reducing disease, improving quality of life and lowering health-care costs.”

PRNewswire released a similar article from the Trust for America’s Health.

The Wall Street Journal cited a POS poll in Arizona  from earlier this year measuring public opinion of tax rebates and subsidies given to private developments.

Government-sponsored development isn’t popular. Public Opinion Strategies polling found earlier this year that 80% of Phoenix taxpayers oppose their city’s subsidies for CityNorth and agree that the developer and the retailers who move into the new mall “should pay their own way.” The subsidy is also attracting opposition outside of Phoenix. Last week, Mayor W.J. Lane of neighboring Scottsdale won support from his city council to file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of our lawsuit.

NBC affiliate in Tennessee includes a question from an earlier POS poll that shows Tim Burchett leading the Knox County Mayor race.

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