The Pasadena Star News includes a quotation from Neil Newhouse in an article about the DCCC targeting Rep. David Dreier’s seat in 2010.

If Dreier managed to get re-elected in 2008 during one of the toughest races for the Republican Party, it is not likely a Democratic candidate can unseat him in 2010, according to Neil Newhouse, a partner with Public Opinion Strategies.Dreier handily beat Democratic challenger Russ Warner 53 percent to 40 percent in the 2008 election.

The LA Times posted an article about a recent poll conducted by POS and Greenburg Quinlan Rosner that shows the public supports LAPD.

The Times wrote another article based on the poll about Mayor Villaraingosa’s popularity. and the Times wrote an article based on the poll about how voters stand on gay marriage.

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