The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Tom Ridge will not run for Senate in 2010, despite the results of a recent POS poll that put him ahead in hypothetical matchups against Republican Pat Toomey and possible Democratic challenger Sen. Arlen Specter.

On his National Journal blog, Charlie Cook mentions recent POS polls in reference to the number of voters who identify themselves as independents rather than aligning with a party.

In their April polling — actually March 31-April 21 — among 3,013 adults, with a 2-point error margin, Democrats were ahead 33-22 percent, with independents up to 39 percent.

A survey by the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies last month showed numbers that track largely along the Gallup and Pew lines.

Politico quotes Glen Bolger concerning his opinion on how citizens will feel about moving Guatanamo Bay detainees to U.S. if President Obama successfully closes the prison.

GOP pollster Glen Bolger called the strategy a homerun for a minority party that has had difficulty finding a potent issue to play off of.

“Gitmo is NIMBY on steroids,” Bolger said. “All in favor of having Gitmo terrorists housed in your Congressional District raise your hand. Whoa — no hands go up!”

“This issue is at the intersection of good policy and good politics. That’s been a rarity for the GOP over the last few years,” Bolger said.

Public Opinion Strategies