In The Weekly Standard, Gary Andres  speculates about a possible GOP comeback in 2010, referring to the recent NPR poll and a quote from Glen Bolger’s blog post.

Some new indications suggest an improving environment for Republicans among independent voters. The first sign comes from a recent bipartisan poll conducted by National Public Radio (NPR). In a surprising result, the survey shows Republicans and Democrats in a virtual tie on the congressional generic ballot question (“Do you plan on voting for a Democrat or Republican in the next congressional election?”). GOP pollster Glen Bolger points out that the two parties tie despite a six-point party ID advantage for the Democrats. “The reason for the tie is simple,” Bolger writes on his blog. “Independents are moving toward the GOP.” The NPR survey finds Republicans leading on the generic ballot among independents (38%-24%) — a result one strategist joked “hasn’t occurred since the Lincoln Administration.” Bolger further notes the Republican position is now preferred among independents on taxes, energy, health care and the deficit.

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