David Rogers of Politico quotes Neil Newhouse in an article about the new budget and President Obama’s activist role early on in his presidency.

Neil Newhouse, a Republican pollster respected in both parties, said the jury is still out on how the public will finally respond to Obama’s activism. “My impression is he is taking ownership a lot earlier than he had to,” Newhouse said, and that it’s not without peril.

Independent surveys show the president retains strong approval ratings, but support for his economic policies is typically below his personal approval and has been slipping.

“Americans still want him to be successful, but there is a huge danger in what he is doing,” Newhouse said. “He is rushing to own the nation’s economy.”

Pennlive.com mentioned a January poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for the 2010 Pennsylvania election for governor.

The Morning Call mentions the same poll here.

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