First Read quotes Bill McInturff as he discusses the recent NBC/WSJ poll:

Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted this survey with Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, says these numbers suggest “someone who is wearing well” with the public at this stage of his presidency. McInturff, in fact, even compares Obama’s early likeability to Ronald Reagan’s in the 1980s.

In a Slate story about Obama’s popularity, a post by Steve Kinney on this blog is mentioned as well as the Wall Street Journal story on the  NBC/WSJ survey.

Peter Roff quotes Kinney’s post in a US News blog post about Specter and Republican chances.

McInturff is also quoted in a NBC story about the WSJ/NBC poll:

In the NBC/Journal poll, 43 percent say the country is on the right track, compared with an equal 43 percent who say it’s on the wrong track.

Yet that’s a 17-point jump since January, when just 26 percent believed the nation was on the right track. And it’s a 31-point increase since October 2008, when only 12 percent thought that.

“That’s an extraordinary movement,” McInturff says. “It means after 100 days that he has latitude to really govern with some potency.”


And more than six in 10 oppose any kind of criminal investigation into whether the Bush administration committed torture.

McInturff says these findings suggest that Americans don’t want to litigate the past. “This is a country that wants to move on,” he said. “What people are saying is, ‘Bad things may have happened… But whatever happened, it is in the past.’”

A news release from Resurgent Republic announces Glen Bolger as a member of their National Survey Research Advisory Board. CNN’s Political Ticker also covers the story.

Glen Bolger’s post regarding the effects of Republicans presenting themselves as a check and balance against the Democrats in power has generated some discussion in the past couple of days.

A good discussion on the subject is posted by Matt Dabrowski at The Next Right who refers to Glen’s post as a “must-read.”

Hot Air discusses the notion in a larger post discussing the lessons that can be learned from Senator Arlen Specter’s party switch.

Battle Born PAC presents some other data along with the post on checks and balances to make the claim that the American people want Republicans in control of Congress. also links to the POS statement on Specter as well as linking to Glen Bolger on Twitter.

A discussion of Specter’s switch at Outside the Beltway also mentions the POS statement on the move.

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