In The Bellingham Herald, Neil Newhouse was interviewed about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s possible reasons  for attending an anti-abortion banquet in Indiana.

Palin is playing it safe by attending an event where “dissenting voices are likely to be far and few between,” said Neil Newhouse, a Republican strategist and pollster for Public Opinion Strategies in Alexandria, Va.

“But Palin’s foray into the Midwest also sends a pretty clear signal to the GOP faithful that she intends to build on her conservative credentials rather than ‘move to the middle,”‘ Newhouse said. “While we shouldn’t read too much into a single event, it sure looks like she has her eyes set on GOP primary voters.”

The quotation can also be found in articles on, RBC Dain Raushcer, and Anchorage Daily News.

The Pensacola News-Journal reports that Florida Governor Charlie Crist is enjoying a very high approval rating according to a recent POS poll.

Greer also disclosed results of a poll conducted last week by Public Opinion Strategies. He said it showed 74 percent approval for Crist, with 23 percent of voters disapproving of his job performance. By comparison, Obama’s approval was 60 percent statewide.

According to, despite Crist’s high approval ratings in the polls, House Speaker Marc Rubio is considering running against him.

Reid Wilson of The Hill discusses the implications of the Florida GOP’s decision to poll for the governor’s race without including Crist, implying that he is seriously considering a Senate bid.

“About 10 days ago, I wanted to take a pulse and see where we really were in Florida based on what we’re hearing,” Greer said Tuesday. “I just wanted to take a look at everything, top to bottom.”

The poll, Greer told The Hill, showed Crist with a 74 percent approval rating, higher than the 60 percent rating President Obama enjoys in the state. Though Crist voiced support for the economic stimulus package, an unpopular stance among some Washington Republicans, Greer said the governor still has a healthy 70 percent approval rating among likely Republican primary voters.

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