Howey Politics Indiana reports on the April 1-2 poll that showed that people in Indiana support property tax caps.

An April 1-2 Public Opinion Strategies Poll shows overwhelming support for property tax caps in Indiana. House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer’s (second from left) refusal to allow a vote on the caps could be setting Democrats up for a major campaign liability in 2010. Hoosiers support the caps 73-20 percent overall according to the poll commissioned by the Indiana Realtors. The intensity is over 3-1 for, 39 strong yes, 12 strong no. Virtually all  demographics are supportive.  Democrats support 66-27 percent. Independents support 72-20 percent. Self described liberals support 65-28 percent. Self described strong Democrats support 65-30 percent. Every income group is over 70 percent support, as is every age group. Urban 77-16; Suburbs 71-21, Rural 69-26. Republican support is even stronger, all in the 80’s. The caps passed both the Indiana House and Senate by wide margins in March 2008. The constitutional amendment must pass both houses again by March 2010 in order to be placed on the November 2010 ballot.

Public Opinion Strategies