Bill McInturff is quoted by John Harwood in a New York Times article about President Obama’s trip to Europe.

Add the challenge of promoting a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, and political strategists say there is no danger that Americans will confuse this trip with an escape from Mr. Obama’s principal responsibilities.

Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who advised Mr. McCain’s campaign, said focus groups among voters reveal one common conclusion: that the fortunes of the United States and the rest of the world were inextricably linked. “There’s not a single person who doesn’t understand that we live in a global economy,” Mr. McInturff said. “It’s a stretch to say he’s taking his eye off the ball.”

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) referred to a Public Opinion Strategies poll while discussing his SAFE commission legislation with the American Chronicle.

He pointed to a recent national survey by Peter Hart Associates and Public Opinion Strategies that looked specifically at public attitude toward America´s long-term finances. Some 56 percent of registered voters answered that a bipartisan commission rather than the regular congressional process is the best way to tackle the growing budget deficit and national debt, Wolf said.

Melvin Baker from All Headline News reports on the New York CD20 race and refers to a POS poll from February.

The latest Siena Research Institute poll found Murphy with 47 percent to Tedisco’s 43 percent. The poll was conducted March 25 and 26. A poll in early February by Public Opinion Strategies found Tedisco with 50 percent support while Murphy tallied well back with 29 percent.

Mike Leiby of the White Mountain Independent reports on the support of speed enforcement cameras in Arizona.

Smythe said that 65 percent of the public in Show Low has indicated support of photo enforcement.
“There is a vocal minority that gets all the press from the media and a silent majority that doesn’t,” he said. “But the bulk of citizens support law enforcement and its use of photo enforcement.” A January poll of registered Arizona voters by Public Opinion Strategies indicated 61 percent supported the use of speed enforcement cameras on freeways running through Arizona cities while 67 percent supported cameras on city streets.

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