Pelosi’s Public Opinion Problems Persist, Providing GOP with Hope & Opportunity

(This article was co-authored by Jim Hobart.)

While Democrats and the liberal media have spent the last few months trying to drive the narrative that the Republican Party does not have a leader, they have ignored the mounting problem they have with one of the undisputed leaders of their own party.

In a recent Financial Dynamics survey, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s image was 27% fav/44% unfav.  That data was prior to her recent attempt to cover her backside by attacking the CIA as lieing to her.   The Daily Kos poll taken a week ago (as this storm was breaking) found Pelosi with a similar 34% fav/50% unfav image rating.  It takes a lot of work for a member of Congress to be so reviled nationally — it is certainly an unusual occurence, and affords the GOP an opportunity to define congressional Democrats as Pelosi’s poodles.

Pelosi has never been a popular figure nationally (her image just before she became speaker in December 2006 was an underwhelming 25% fav/23% unfav), but this is the worst her image has ever been. With the Speaker not doing herself any favors by accusing the CIA of lying to Congress, Pelosi’s problems show no signs of going away anytime soon, and her increasing unpopularity with voters represents a real opportunity for Republicans.

While President Obama continues to enjoy strong approval ratings, his popularity has not carried over to Dems in Congress. In a recent Washington Post poll, Congressional Dems’ approval rating is a polarized 45% approve/49% approve. Obama’s approval rating continues to be in the high 50s to low 60s, so clearly, Republican candidates are far better off positioning themselves as an alternative to the Dems in Congress than as an alternative to President Obama. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the face-lifted face of the Dems in Congress and arguably the second most influential Democrat leader in Washington. Her increasing unpopularity and the controversies she continues to create for herself has her teetering on the edge of a cliff in the minds of many voters. Republicans would be wise to do all they can to make sure she falls.

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