Micah Roberts


Micah Roberts is a Partner at Public Opinion Strategies. His work is mostly on the firm’s media polling, issue advocacy, and ballot initiative campaigns.

In addition to over a decade of experience helping manage monthly polling for NBC News, Micah is the Republican half of the bi-partisan team that conducts quarterly polling on economic trends for CNBC.

Micah’s public affairs research has spanned many sectors including health care, education, and financial services in his time at the firm. More recently, Micah’s work has been focused on energy, telecommunications, and technology issues.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, Micah has helped campaigns develop and hone the messaging, advertising, and voter targeting strategies for thirteen successful ballot initiatives including the nation’s two most expensive ballot initiative campaigns, California Prop 8 in 2018 which was defeated with a 60% No vote and California Prop 22 in 2020 which was passed 58% to 42% after starting at just 28% Yes vote in early tracking.

Micah joined Public Opinion Strategies in 2007 and became a partner in 2017. Since 2015 Micah has been based in Jacksonville, Florida where he lives with his wife and two young sons.



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