Jim Hobart


Jim Hobart is a Partner at Public Opinion Strategies.

Jim has been a part of the polling team in some of the most competitive and important elections in the country and has received the prestigious Rising Star Award from Campaign and Elections Magazine.

During the most recent election cycle, Jim polled for Governor Greg Abbott’s resounding victory over Beto O’Rourke. He also polled for the primary SuperPAC backing J.D. Vance in the Ohio Senate race, which has been credited with propelling Vance to victory. Jim has now polled for the leading SuperPAC for four different U.S. Senators.

Jim was also a part of the research effort for Governor Mike Dunleavy in Alaska, as well as five winning local ballot initiatives in Illinois.

In 2020, Jim polled for the largest independent expenditure effort backing Roger Marshall in the Kansas Senate primary and general elections, helping Marshall take both races from nail-biters to resounding victories.

He also polled for successful outside efforts in four winning Congressional campaigns and for the campaign on seven successful local ballot initiatives. Jim was also involved in research efforts for major Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan.

In 2018, Jim polled for Governor Brian Kemp’s come-from-behind wins in both the primary and general elections in Georgia. Kemp shocked political observers by first defeating heavy favorite Casey Cagle in the primary, and then topping 50% to triumph over Stacey Abrams without a runoff.

In polling conducted for the NRSC in 2018, Jim was the first pollster in the country to correctly show Heidi Heitkamp was a clear underdog to then Congressman Kevin Cramer. Cramer would go on to defeat Heitkamp by eleven points.

Jim is also an accomplished focus group moderator, having moderated more than 200 groups throughout the country. He regularly appears on NPR, CNN, HillTV, and the BBC to offer political analysis.

Jim and his wife Megan live in Alexandria with their daughter Ellie and dog Riley.

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