October 2011 National Survey of Walmart Moms

In 2008, Public Opinion Strategies identified Walmart Moms (defined as women with children age 18 or younger at home and who shopped at Walmart at least once in the past month) as a key “swing voter” sub-group. We continued tracking this important voter bloc during the 2010 election and we have started to take a close look at this group again as the 2012 elections heat up.

On October 5th, 2011, we conducted three focus groups of Walmart Moms in Florida, Iowa, and New Hampshire (Focus Groups Among Walmart Moms).

Following the focus groups we conducted a national survey among N=800 registered voters and N=600 Walmart Moms, October 20-24, 2011.  Please read our key findings memo here (memo in PDF format) and view our presentation here (presentaion in PDF format).  The full interview schedule is available here (interview schedule in PDF format).

Check out the media coverage below.

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November 2, 2011
By Matt Viser, Globe Staff

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November 2, 2011

Walmart Moms Could Swing 2012 Elections
US News & World Report
November 2, 2011
By Jessica Rettig

Election 2012 challenge: How to win over ‘frustrated’ Walmart moms (video)
The Christian Science Monitor
November 2, 2011
By Linda Feldmann

Pollsters: Obama Needs to Win Back ‘Walmart Moms’
National Journal
November 2, 2011
By Steven Shepard

Pollsters Posit the Latest Motherly Demographic: Walmart Moms
Roll Call
November 2, 2011
By Abby Livingston

From the Wall Street Journal
By Neil King Jr.
November 2, 2011

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