The latest NBC News/The Wall Street Journal poll conducted February 29 – March 3, 2012 covers the landscape of opinion and attitudes surrounding current events and policy issues including:

  • Key approval and image ratings on President Obama;
  • Image ratings on the parties and the GOP presidential candidates;
  • The most important issue facing the federal government;
  • Interest and enthusiasm in the November federal election;
  • Congressional control preference and re-election prospects;
  • General presidential election match-ups with the four remaining Republican candidates;
  • The state of the GOP primary race preceding the 11-state “Super Tuesday” primary;
  • Economic outlook for the next 12 months and a measure of where the country’s economy is in relation to the recession;
  • The effect of gas prices on families and a measure of  the perceived level of control government has on gas prices;
  • Support for same-sex marriage and likelihood to vote for candidates who support or oppose same-sex marriage;
  • The public’s attitudes on government requirements for employers and insurance plans for employees of religious institutions to provide contraceptive services and birth control coverage, and;
  • Public preference about US involvement in Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria.

NBC News / Wall Street Journal — February 29 – March 3, 2012 (PDF Format)

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