The latest NBC-WSJ poll, conducted March 31 – April 4 among 1,000 national adults, is replete with opinions about all of the most important events happening today – and that’s no small feat as there’s quite a bit to cover. The poll includes coverage of topics ranging from Obama’s ideology to tsunamis and gas prices. It asks about the Obama administration’s attention to and decisions on key issues and policies. It measures attitudes about other things Americans are seeing come out of Washington and which party is seen as best to handle several major policy issues. It offers depth on the economy, the budget fight, proposed changes to Medicare, the debt ceiling, the looming government shutdown, the situation in Afghanistan and recent action in Libya. If that’s not enough, it even includes a “long and short” list for the 2012 GOP Primary and a rundown of the types of 2012 Presidential candidates Americans today are most comfortable with.

NBC News / Wall Street Journal — March 31-April 4, 2011 (PDF Format)

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