According to the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, conducted November 11-15, Americans are feeling positive about the historic mid-term elections that put Republicans in control of the House, helped balance the scales of power in the Senate, elected or re-elected Republican governors in 29 States. Americans also feel positively about the prospect of a “divided government” though they have lower expectations for the degree to which the direction of the country will change as a result. The poll finds some indications of optimism on the economy with six out of ten respondents feeling the worst of the recession is behind us now. Also, the poll finds that at first glance, the Deficit Commission’s proposal gets a negative review, though it’s clear that a national discussion is needed as even after a detailed description one out of three Americans have no opinion or mixed feelings of the proposal.

NBC News / Wall Street Journal — November 11-15, 2010 (PDF Format)

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