Mobile Research Series: Immigration Dial Test

Dial tests are an integral part of our media testing research at Public Opinion Strategies. The dial testing capabilities allow for the tests to be conducted among hundreds or even thousands of respondents with hard quantitative data as opposed to tens of respondents in a qualitative setting.

For our survey we conducted a dial test of Senator Rand Paul’s speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in March 2013. Following the dial test, respondents were able to record their impressions of the video verbatim through the audio-capture feature of the application.

Here is a clip of the dial test  from the survey.

What we learned:

  • Mobile dial testing can provide quantitative data quickly with the capability to segment data that is not available in a qualitative setting.
  • With a simple open-end, the quantitative dial test results can quickly become a rich qual/quant dataset.
  • The volume of responses achievable over a short period of time makes this tool valuable for rapidly moving campaigns.

Here are some charts with a full explanation and analysis of the immigration dial test.

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