Marietta Daily Journal: Senate Race Tightens as Loeffler Gains Momentum

Public Opinion Strategies, featured in the Marietta Daily Journal, talks about Loeffler gaining momentum:

A poll of Georgia voters by Public Opinion Strategies shows Loeffler and Collins neck and neck, while President Trump reportedly will stay on the sidelines, making no endorsement.

In the poll conducted Feb. 17-20, Loeffler moved from 15% in a January survey to 20%, edging past Collins who slipped from 20% in January to 19% — well within the 4.0% margin of error. But among key voter groups, Loeffler made significant headway. She went from 28% to 40% approval by Republicans in the survey, from 20% to 35% among religious conservatives and from 22% to 32% rating by voters who approve of Trump. On key issues, Loeffler far out-polled Collins, with 36% of voters saying she “will stand up for the rights of the unborn,” versus 20% for Collins, and “will cut wasteful spending,” 33% to 19% for Collins.

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Public Opinion Strategies