In the News: The big choice voters are facing in the 2020 Presidential election

“By November, voters are going to have a choice,” stated Neil Newhouse, a veteran Republican pollster. “They already know what they love and hate about Donald Trump. About that they’re absolutely certain. What the voters don’t know is what they love and hate about Joe Biden, and that’s what the campaign is all about.” Read […]

In the News: Republican candidates rally with President Trump

Distancing from Trump would be “a stupid strategy,” said GOP pollster Neil Newhouse. “If the base sees you’re turning your back on the president, they will cut you off.” Read more here about republican candidates seeking reelection

In the News: China is the strong ground to stand on for 2020 election

“It becomes an easy punching bag for politicians, both Republicans and Democrats,” Neil Newhouse said in an interview. For Republicans in particular, Mr. Newhouse said, the strategy “allows them to go on offense, to be aggressive, to take a strong position.” Read more here about the effectiveness of the anti-China message among voters.

In the News: Will older voters decide the 2020 election?

Not that many people need extra motivation to vote this November. “This is an extremely important election, and people on both sides have strong feelings,” says Glen Bolger, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm. “I think that older voters are going to find a way to register their opinions, whether or […]

Public Opinion Strategies congratulates June 2nd primary winners

The survey research firm of Public Opinion Strategies (POS) offers congratulations to winning candidates for which the company provided polling and strategic help.  Those races include:    Meteorologist Mark Ronchetti won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, and will take on Congressman Ben Ray Lujan in the open seat battle to replace […]

COVID-19 National Polling Summary: Wave 6

Since early March we have examined a host of issues surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, including personal health concerns, behavioral changes, the economic impact, opinions on privacy, information sources and perceptions of how elected officials have handled the crisis. Our most recent summary explores attitudes on resuming everyday activities, the economic impact of COVID-19, the impact […]

In the News: GOP looks to Rep. Marshall in Kansas race

Marshall pollster Robert Blizzard said Marshall’s fundraising will improve with Pompeo officially out of the race. “Imagine trying to raise money this past year when there’s been at least a couple of hundred stories about Mike Pompeo, will he or won’t he,” Blizzard said. Read more here about the increased support for Rep. Marshall in […]

In the News: National survey reveals greater need for online learning

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, surveyed 2,000 parents of children enrolled in brick and mortar schools in grades K-11 who are facing difficult decisions regarding the safety, continuity and effectiveness of their children’s education this fall. Despite any preventative measures, a remarkable 21% of parents said they would not be comfortable with their child […]

In the News: Changes are coming in the southwest United States

“I think you have a range of issues there are more hospitable to Republican candidates,” McCleskey says. Republicans believe that party positions such as resistance to taxes and strong border enforcement still offer them opportunities to recapture more of the Republican votes. Read more here about the party shifts occurring in the southwest United States.

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