In the News: National Survey Shows Voters Support Paid Leave By Building On Existing System, Not Through A New Government-Run Program

Americans across the political spectrum want paid leave to be accomplished by building on and expanding existing employer-based paid leave benefits. At least three out of four voters support paid leave policy approaches that focus on: creating a paid leave program via a partnership between government and private plans for employees working in small businesses […]

Public Opinion Strategies releases results from a new national survey

Public Opinion Strategies is releasing results from a new national survey.  The results spell trouble for President Biden, and also indicate that Afghanistan is a big challenge for him with the American public.  The press release is attached, and below are a couple of quotes and notes on methodology.  Also attached please find a chart […]

In the News: Majority of Tennesseans believe public education is on the wrong track

As the new school year begins, Tennesseans are concerned about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the youngest learners. The majority — more than 79% — are especially worried that too many schoolchildren fell behind in math and reading due to school closures and disruptions, according to new poll results released by Public […]

In the News: GOP rift widens amid growing hostility to Afghan refugees

“There’s just a sense that we are less safe as a country as a result of this,” said Neil Newhouse, a veteran Republican pollster. The rhetoric reflects “a general, overall increase” in concern in the country over the risk of terrorist threats after Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban — not just in the short term […]

In the News: GOP hits Biden despite divides over Afghanistan withdrawal

“If they’re smart and say, ’Look, I wanted us out of Afghanistan, but not this way,’” Glen Bolger, a veteran GOP pollster who’s worked on numerous congressional campaigns, said of Republicans potentially staying on the political offensive. “Not in a total surrender and not letting the Taliban just waltz in and take over everything, hurting […]

In the News: Biden economic approval rating drops amid inflation fears

“Surging COVID and rising inflation are creating a bleaker outlook throughout the next 12 months than we’ve measured since the 2008 recession,” said Micah Roberts, a partner with Public Opinion Strategies and the survey’s GOP pollster. “Forty-three percent say the economy will get worse in the next year, tied for the highest we have measured […]

Most Americans Want to Share and Access More Digital Health Data

A national survey conducted in 2020 by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates in conjunction with The Pew Charitable Trusts shows: Eighty-one percent of adults support increased access to health information for patients and providers. More than two-thirds of adults want their clinicians to exchange some health information that federal data-sharing polices don’t currently […]

In the News: Suddenly, (some) Republicans are all in on the vaccine

Republican pollster Glen Bolger told me that he didn’t think the G.O.P.’s about-face stemmed from a sudden fear of electoral debacle so much as a reflection of the alarming trend lines in red America. Until now, “Republicans felt like we don’t necessarily need to push on vaccines and tick off a significant portion of our […]

In the News: The huge Democrat bet on ‘Bricks and Butter’

Republican pollster Gene Ulm argues that Democrats are trying to flood the economy with federal spending to improve their prospects in the 2022 election — but could face a backlash against the taxes included in the plan and inflation that it might fuel. “Structurally they are betting the farm and everything possible to get through […]

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