In the News: Don’t read this while driving

A new survey from Public Opinion Strategies partner Neil Newhouse found that Ohioans believe distracted driving is the top danger on Ohio’s roads, and suggests public support for DeWine’s proposal to pass a tougher law with tougher penalties for drivers who do it. Read more about the support for the ban on touching electronic devices […]

National Coronavirus Survey – One Year Mark

A new national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies in partnership with Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock examines some critical issues to navigate during the last few miles of the coronavirus pandemic: Vaccine Distribution Debate With the rollout of an effective vaccine, a majority of Americans are eager to receive the vaccine when it becomes […]

In the News: Leading Health and Cancer Advocacy Groups Unite to Reduce Racial Disparities in Cancer Care

Recommendations—developed by a group of 17 national experts, representing patients and advocates, caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers, and industry—directly address how medical systems in the United States often disproportionately fail minority patients, particularly those who are Black and/or Indigenous, and draws on extensive polling data from recent national polls conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of […]

In the News: Republicans look to profit from Biden schools struggle

Anxieties were palpable during a mid-January focus group of suburban Virginia parents, conducted virtually, by the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies. “My kids are straight A students and struggling to keep B grades or doing less. They are not motivated and depressed,” said a father from Chesapeake, in southeastern Virginia. Read more here about […]

In the News: New study shows African American families overwhelmingly want a choice in their children’s education

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, surveyed 1,007 African American parents of k-12 students enrolled in public schools across the country on their thoughts related to their child’s education. In addition to clearly showing that African American families what a choice in their child’s education, the survey also found that 40% of African American […]

In the News: Biden aims for new ‘normal’

“I’m not sure what a new normal looks like, because I think the Trump way of doing things and his nonpolitical approach has a certain appeal to voters, and that’s going to have to be a part of this new normal,” said Neil Newhouse, a Republican pollster. Referring to Biden’s relatively staid Twitter feed, Newhouse […]

In the News: Voters prefer clean energy candidates

A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies that was released Wednesday by the Conservative Energy Network shows voters want candidates who back clean energy development. According to the poll, 72% of voters think it is important for candidates to share their stance on clean energy issues and 68% say they would support a candidate who backs […]

COVID-19 Update with key takeaways

Over the course of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have carefully and thoroughly tracked publicly available public opinion research on a wide variety of issues relevant to both our work and our clients’ work. Drawing from multiple national surveys conducted over the past few weeks, this summary analyzes key data on the impact the outbreak continues […]

In the News: No break in division after Trump defeat

Washington Post: Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster, said his firm’s analysis of the election concluded that this was the smallest number of ticket-splitters since his firm began its measurement two decades ago. “We’ve stopped having any intersection [between the two sides],” he said. Read more about the divide in beliefs and values within our country […]

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