In the News: Early-voting surge scrambles Election Day expectations

“Voters are fired up on both sides,” said Glen Bolger.  “Yes, I’d rather see more Republicans voting early, but they’ve been dissuaded from doing that. But there’s no indication they’re not enthusiastic.” Read more about record-setting voter turnout, and the effect it’s having on expectations here.

Attitudes on the Coronavirus Vaccine

Friends and Clients: In our most recent NBC News / Wall Street Journal national survey, we asked voters what they plan to do when a vaccine becomes available for the coronavirus: Just twenty percent of voters plan to take the vaccine as soon as they can. Most voters (50%) plan to wait until a vaccine […]

In the News: New national poll released by the National Hemophilia Foundation

A new national poll released by The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) conducted by Public Opinion Strategies shows that Americans across political parties want the federal government to require all copay assistance be applied towards a patient’s out-of-pocket costs.  Majorities of voters believe there would be significant negative consequences for chronic disease patients if copay assistance […]

In the News: Both parties hope Supreme Court fight bolsters Senate prospects

“It’s motivating both parties’ bases for sure,” Republican pollster Robert Blizzard said. “It’s not changing the narrative or the trajectory of the races. But that’s today,” he said, citing possible unforeseen events by Election Day. Read more about the divide over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett here.  

In the News: The photo finish is likely to come in the Senate

As GOP pollster Glen Bolger noted in a tweet this week, “Every Republican campaign should be focusing their messaging on Independents and soft GOPers. The GOP base is rock solid, but swing voters are, as in 2018, a big concern. Read more about the Republican Senate becoming the close call of this election here.

In the News: 74 Percent of Battleground Voters Prefer Dispute Resolution over ‘Rate-Setting’ for Surprise Billing

Our partners Robert Blizzard and Jarrett Lewis conducted a recent survey across six Senate battleground states on the issue of surprise medical bills. Among other findings, the survey found that 74% of these battleground state voters prefer an independent dispute resolution system over benchmarking or “rate-setting” to resolve cases of surprise medical bills. Click here […]

In the News: Republicans think Barrett hearings will boost turnout

“The timing of the hearings could potentially stand to give a late shot in the arm to Republican voters down the stretch into Election Day — which could be critically important in offsetting any deficits from early voting,” veteran Republican pollster Robert Blizzard told the Washington Examiner, pointing to “the expected Democratic surge in mail-in, absentee […]

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