In the News: Suddenly, (some) Republicans are all in on the vaccine

Republican pollster Glen Bolger told me that he didn’t think the G.O.P.’s about-face stemmed from a sudden fear of electoral debacle so much as a reflection of the alarming trend lines in red America. Until now, “Republicans felt like we don’t necessarily need to push on vaccines and tick off a significant portion of our […]

In the News: The huge Democrat bet on ‘Bricks and Butter’

Republican pollster Gene Ulm argues that Democrats are trying to flood the economy with federal spending to improve their prospects in the 2022 election — but could face a backlash against the taxes included in the plan and inflation that it might fuel. “Structurally they are betting the farm and everything possible to get through […]

In the News: Biden’s Spaghetti-at-the-Wall Vaccine Campaign

Newhouse said he’s tested a message that could potentially sway at least a portion of Trump supporters: emphasizing that the vaccines were an initiative of the ex-president. “What a surprise!” Newhouse said. “The Trump message works better for people who voted for Donald Trump! You know what? A helluva lot of those people are not […]

In the News: New survey shows voters want more choice and control over their health care

“Republicans and Independents strongly prefer a personal option to the two government plans, though even Democrats currently lean towards preferring a personal option. Voters strongly favor the plan’s many attributes that would help make our health care system more accessible, more affordable, and easier to navigate.” Read more about voters attitudes on current heath care […]

In the News: It’s Still About the Cost of Healthcare

In a national survey conducted in February, we found that 52% of Americans say reducing healthcare costs such as premiums and deductibles is their most important healthcare issue. While the coronavirus kept many Americans away from medical settings, others stayed away because of costs — more than one-third of Americans (37%) say they delayed care […]

In the News: New CFIF National Survey Shows Voters Want Bipartisan Agreement on Spending Bills, Oppose COVID-19 Patent Waivers and Reject Government Setting Prices for Health Care

The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today released key findings of a national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, measuring voters’ health care priorities as U.S. COVID-19 cases continue to decline and many in Congress propose health care-related offsets to President Biden’s major legislative packages and other new federal spending proposals. Read more about the opinions […]

In the News: In summer, the stakes are rising for Biden

“Every administration starts with news that gets covered as ‘action’ – executive orders, Cabinet slots being filled – all pushing a new agenda different than their predecessor,” Bill McInturff points out. But over time, he adds, “Executive orders run out and the action is replaced by transactional and messy legislative back-and-forth. Favorable numbers drop.” Read […]

In the News: 78% of New Yorkers want to keep ‘cocktails to go,’ poll says

Nearly 80 percent of New Yorkers want to keep a pandemic-era rule allowing booze takeout and delivery at bars and restaurants, according to a new survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and released Monday by the New York State Restaurant Association. Read more here about how ‘cocktails to go’ might be here to stay.

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