In the News: The Impact of Abortion on 2022 and Beyond

In post-election surveys and focus groups, the GOP polling firm Public Opinion Strategies (POS), in collaboration with Arizona-based Horizon Strategies, found that swing independent women were not only turned off by the GOP position on abortion, but didn’t see the Republican Party as stronger on the economy either. Read more about the impact swing independent […]

Former NRCC Polling Director Caitlin Reed joins Public Opinion Strategies

Public Opinion Strategies is pleased to announce that Caitlin Reed has joined the firm as a Vice President.  For the last two cycles, Caitlin served as Polling Director at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). At the NRCC, Caitlin oversaw all the NRCC’s polling spanning 232 congressional races over two-cycles of consecutive pickups under NRCC […]

Is Biden ready for a second term?

Biden started year three with the nation in a sour mood, with a weak job rating, and with a majority giving him poor marks for being able to unite the country or having the necessary mental and physical health to be president,” Partner Bill McInturff said in the Financial Times Read more about Biden’s case […]

A dividing line in American politics

Age remains one of the major dividing lines in American politics. See Bill McInturff’s fascinating breakdown of generational data comparing shifting attitudes from a decade ago compared to today from their NBC News research HERE.

Ten Consequential Slides from 2022

Please check out the ten findings and ten slides that highlight the key trends of 2022 that will continue to impact our country: The lowest consumer confidence in seven decades. Our extreme political polarization, partially driven by the lack of competitive congressional seats and a changing Republican Party. How the issue of abortion roiled the […]

2022 Cycle Recap Infographic

As the 118th Congress is sworn in today, we’d like to look back on our successful 2022 cycle, give a special congratulations to the 14 new GOP members that our firm polled on behalf of, and celebrate our firm’s very own House majority! Check out an infographic highlighting our year here.

Post-Election Debrief

Another look at last week’s elections, showcasing key takeaways from our Election Night Survey. The full debrief can be viewed here.

Public Opinion Strategies Election Night Poll Take-Away Points

Public Opinion Strategies Election Night Poll Take-Away Points Despite the record-breaking negative mood of the country, and lackluster Biden approval scores, the GOP’s narrow margin on the generic ballot translated into a smaller advantage than anticipated in the US House. Voters’ top issues were “rising prices and inflation” and “abortion,” followed by “the economy and […]

2022 Post Election Press Release

Public Opinion Strategies was proud to poll in 13 successful major statewide races and help elect seven new Members of Congress with many more to come as more votes are counted. Read more about our big wins on election night here.

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