Former NRCC Polling Director Caitlin Reed joins Public Opinion Strategies

Public Opinion Strategies is pleased to announce that Caitlin Reed has joined the firm as a Vice President.  For the last two cycles, Caitlin served as Polling Director at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

At the NRCC, Caitlin oversaw all the NRCC’s polling spanning 232 congressional races over two-cycles of consecutive pickups under NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer, including taking back the House in 2022.  Using her expertise, the NRCC made countless methodology upgrades, restarted their in-house polling program, and built custom programs to match the NRCC’s unique needs.  She is rejoining Public Opinion Strategies having left as a Senior Project Director with six years of service to the firm.

Caitlin got her start in politics as the lone volunteer for a special election in the Colorado State Senate in 2006.  Going door-to-door with the candidate and a pile of campaign literature made her realize the direct impact she could have on a campaign.

Caitlin is a native of Denver, Colorado and a graduate of American University.

“It is great to have Caitlin here again after her successful years at the NRCC. Caitlin‘s extensive knowledge and experience in congressional districts around the country only deepens the strong team we have here dedicated to preserving a Republican majority in the House,” said Bill McInturff, partner and co-founder.

“I’m honored to join Public Opinion Strategies with their storied history of victorious campaigns and gold standard polling,” said Caitlin.

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