Congratulations from Public Opinion Strategies

Public Opinion Strategies congratulates all of our winning clients last night! In total, POS polled on behalf of or in support of four new statewide office holders, six new state house or senate members, three new mayors, and was on the winning side of eight ballot issues.  Again we congratulate the winners.

Winning candidates include:


Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant

Guy Reschenthaler

Fred Akshar

Chris Brown

Dean Plocher

Lloyd Winnecke

Duke Bennett

Steve Collier

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Virginia Senate District 12

Pennsylvania Senate District 37

New York Senate District 52

New Jersey Legislative District 2

Missouri House District 89

Evansville, IN Mayor

Terre Haute, IN  Mayor

Lawrence, IN Mayor



We also polled on behalf of the Kentucky Republican Party in support of Governor-elect Matt Bevin, incoming State Auditor Mike Harmon, State Treasurer Allison Ball, and Agricultural Commissioner Ryan Quarles.  Additionally, we polled on behalf of winning efforts to elect Glen Sturtevant in Virginia’s Tenth State Senate District.

Public Opinion Strategies polled on the winning side of eight ballot issues:

  • Ohio Issue One (Fair Redistricting-Yes)
  • Ohio Issue Two (Anti Monopolies-Yes)
  • Ohio Issue Three (Anti Marijuana Monopoly)
  • Franklin County, ADAMH Funding (Yes)
  • Portland, ME Question 1 (Anti-Min Wage Increase)
  • Summit County, CO Measure 5A (Affordable Housing-Yes)
  • Greeley, CO Measures 2A & 2B (Infrastructure Funding-Yes)
  • Arapahoe, CO Library District Ballot Issue 4A (Library Funding-Yes)

ICYMI, this is in addition to our work on behalf of three U.S. Congressmen that won in special elections in 2015 and Memphis TN Mayor-Elect Jim Strickland in October:


Trent Kelly

Darin LaHood

Dan Donovan

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Mississippi Congressional District 1

Illinois Congressional District 18

New York Congressional District 11



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