The Day Democrats Never Thought Would Come, Is Here!

That tearing sound you hear throughout the land is the rending of garments by anguished Democrats. In a day they surely never expected would arrive, Barack Obama has a worse image than George W. Bush in the just completed WSJ/NBC September poll. Of the three Presidents tested, Bill Clinton of course remains the most popular. […]

Over the last year, data has consistently shown Americans are concerned about the public school system. From disputes about the implementation of Common Core State Standards to questions about students’ competitiveness in the global market, many issues related to our schools have been hot topics for debate in recent months. It leads to an important […]

Recent polls have shown the GOP to have a significant edge in enthusiasm regarding the upcoming mid-term elections. Nearly without exception, Republicans are more excited, enthusiastic and energized about voting in the November election than their Democratic counterparts. The straight-forward conclusion is that this enthusiasm gap will play out at the voting booths in November, […]

Over the past month, the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has continued to escalate as both sides have been unable to agree to a durable ceasefire agreement. Given the America’s strong historical alliance with Israel and the possible regional consequences of a prolonged military altercation, the current conflict creates implications for […]

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