The Times They Are A-Changin’ – NBC/WSJ Social Trends

As the last several decades have brought a number of changes in American society, a majority of Americans say they feel comfortable with these changes. The latest NBC/WSJ poll conducted in March asked this question: “Over the past few years there has been a debate about changes in American society and the country becoming more […]

This Sunday will bring tears and joy to many, as Selection Sunday determines what teams dance their way into March Madness. Whether or not you are an avid college basketball fan, the tournament captures much of the nation’s attention this month. The tournament’s schedule of games during the workday leaves many trying to watch from […]

This past May, I wrote a piece positing that the generic Congressional vote averages from surveys taken roughly until Memorial Day of the year preceding an election are not reliable indicators of a party’s performance in that election.  Seven months later – and now less than 11 months from Election Day – I thought it […]

Perhaps one of the more concerning aspects of the 2017 election in Virginia is the clear signal it sends about GOP troubles in the ‘burbs – urban suburbs to be more precise.  It was not just in Northern Virginia that Republican candidates experienced a suburban rejection, but also in the urban suburbs surrounding Richmond. The […]

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